Top 5 Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

Only 55 percent of weddings are considered 'traditional,' according to the Bridal Association of America. Couples today are clearly moving toward having less conventional wedding themes, says Mary Ellen Campisi, associate art director at Vistaprint. photo credit: My Wedding Dream via Bunches of Bliss Vistaprint identified five top wedding trends for Spring 2011 by looking at a series of variables, including theme and color trend research in Europe and North America, Vistaprint's top … [Read more...]

Garden Tea Party Wedding Shower

I am totally smitten with this Mad Hatter Tea Party themed bridal shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes, with photography by Bryan Miller. The bride and her sister have always been fans of the Mad Hatter, so a Sunday brunch bridal shower in their parents back yard was the perfect setting for this whimsical tea party in the grass.  "I can't say enough how much we got at thift stores and sap meets," says the bride's sister, who planned the party. "The great thing about this theme is the more … [Read more...]

Green Wedding Trends: Reuse, Recycle, Recreate!

One of today's greatest trends is recycling. The amazing and beautiful things that people create from old, cast-off items is astounding! From bottles and cans to old doors and windows, there are tons of ways to turn someone else's junk into your treasure! image: Message in a bottle Here's a super cute table number idea that was inspired by a restaurant that had something like it on their tables.  All you  need are some tin cans, paint, and a drill... Aren't they cute? Inexpensive, … [Read more...]

Wedding Dessert… in a Jar!

Mini-desserts are cute, but mini desserts served in mini jars are  just too cute not to share with you! They'd look great on a dessert buffet, and even better as take-home wedding favors! If you're a do-it-yourself bride, these look deliciously easy to put together, and the best part is how simple they'd be to stack in a box and transport to your wedding venue (no worries about smashing the cake on the way!). You can buy jars such as these from Amazon (found via Our Best Bites): Slap … [Read more...]

Ring Pillows: A special touch

I've never given much thought to ring pillows, but after seeing these sweet creations at Martha Stewart Weddings, I think they deserve more attention! And of course, a homemade ring pillow has lots more charm than most store-bought options. Choose a pretty fabric and sew your own (or enlist one of your crafty friends) from a pair of squares. Then create a tufted effect (which provides a spot for the rings to nestle) by adding a button and stitching all the way through. Attach the rings by tying … [Read more...]

Vintage Wedding Trends inspired by Old Hollywood

TV presenter and bride-to-be Rose Kelly is drawing wedding inspiration from Old Hollywood, reports the Sydney Morning Herald, adopting Sophia Loren as her ultimate style icon. Today's celebs are aiming to recreate 1950s diva style, as seen recently on the red carpet, and brides are eagerly following the trend. Kelly says she loves the look becuase it reflects a woman who is gorgeous and feminine, yet independent. The Dress Designer Akira Isogawa says that recreating old Hollywood is about … [Read more...]

Wedding footwear: Sexy AND Ethical!

Locally grown flowers, vegan meals, and wearing your grandmother's wedding gown... it's all part and parcel of the green wedding trend. But if you really want to go the full mile, tread carefully... in ethical wedding footwear, that is! If you (like me) have never heard of such a thing, it goes something like this, according to wishpot weding blog (she got her own ethical wedding shoes from Beyond Skin): As well as making gorgeous shoes coveted by the likes of Natalie Portman, Beyond Skin’s … [Read more...]