Ring Pillows: A special touch

I’ve never given much thought to ring pillows, but after seeing these sweet creations at Martha Stewart Weddings, I think they deserve more attention! And of course, a homemade ring pillow has lots more charm than most store-bought options. Choose a pretty fabric and sew your own (or enlist one of your crafty friends) from a pair of squares. Then create a tufted effect (which provides a spot for the rings to nestle) by adding a button and stitching all the way through. Attach the rings by tying them to the button with a thin ribbon.  If you really want to get fancy, craft the sides of your pillow from wide, pretty ribbon.

For an outdoor or nature-themed wedding, this moss pillow is lovely. Glue green ribbon around an ice cream-pint top, and glue green felt to bottom. Arrange spikemoss in top. Anchor ribbon to moss with floral wire. Slip rings through ribbon; tie a bow. For a fall wedding, this pillow with embossed velvet leaves, made with a rubber stamp and an iron, dress up a silk ring pillow. So pretty!

In the same spirit, if you love flowers, you can make your ring pillow into a flower… or out of a flower! The pillow below on the left is made from a silk flower! The one on the right is actually made from flowers! Cut a block of floral foam to size and poke ‘Kermit’ chrysanthemum stems into top and sides. Push a U-shaped piece of green floral wire through foam; bend tips flush against bottom of block. Tie rings to wire with ribbon.

For a vintage look, make a pillow embellished with an heirloom handkerchief or another meaningful bit of linen. A few stitches keep everything in place and can be snipped later. Another idea that’s warm and cozy is a knitted pillow… maybe you can ask Grandma for help with this one!

And if your ringbearer is an ever-faithful canine friend, sew a special collar with the ring pillow attached, like this Lab’s gingham collar!

Visit Martha Stewart Weddings for even more ring pillow inspiration!


  1. Love the ring pillows, love the designs!