Top 5 Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

Only 55 percent of weddings are considered ‘traditional,’ according to the Bridal Association of America. Couples today are clearly moving toward having less conventional wedding themes, says Mary Ellen Campisi, associate art director at Vistaprint.

photo credit: My Wedding Dream via Bunches of Bliss

Vistaprint identified five top wedding trends for Spring 2011 by looking at a series of variables, including theme and color trend research in Europe and North America, Vistaprint’s top selling save-the-date and invitation products, as well as market research. And what were the results? Here they are:

  • Green (Eco-Friendly) Weddings – Eco-friendly weddings are emerging. Everything from sustainable wedding dresses to plantable favors and recycled invitations will be commonplace. The setting will likely be an outdoor venue or tent, with decor consisting of LED lights and locally produced flowers. Green, brown and rust are common color choices.
  • Vintage Inspirations – Vintage inspired weddings are one of the biggest trends for 2011. Brides can be glamorous and chic without breaking the bank. Common themes include beaded or feathered hairpieces, and natural and outdoor settings. These weddings include elements such as lace, do-it-yourself touches like homemade favors and hand-tied ribbons around the invitations, and softer, muted colors for a touch of extra romance.
  • Traditional Elegance with a Modern Twist – This bride embraces the traditional wedding but wants to add her own personal flair. This may include an unexpected pop of bold and bright colors with her clutch or shoes, a unique hair piece, bold necklace or modern invitations and stationary. Colors are primarily white, silver and ivory with a minimally used accent color like red or chartreuse.
  • Bright and Bold Color Choices – Expect to see lots of color in 2011, from the Pantone® Color of the Year, honeysuckle pink to turquoise, coral, and the ever popular apple green. Bold colors are hip, attention-grabbing, and the perfect way to add lots of personality to your special day.
  • Black – Like the little black dress, black is always in fashion. Today it lends itself to a variety of styles from contemporary and elegant weddings, to the romantic and baroque. It also pairs well with almost any accent color.

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