Distinctive Boutonnieres for the Boys!

Nothing like a splash of color on the lapel to dress up on otherwise black-and-white affair! Whatever the color or style of your men's suits, a boutonniere is an eye-catching and attractive addition. Here are some ideas that are both formal and fun! Fresh flowers, ribbon, fabric, crepe paper, berries, herbs, acorns... this little ornament provides a great little outlet for your creative abilities! * All photos compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings * * Dahlia + Polka dot tie = … [Read more...]

Grooming the Groom

With all the attention paid to the bride's attire, hair, makeup, and accessories, you might forget that someone else is sharing the spotlight, too. Don't let the groom look anything less than perfect himself! Here are some expert styling tips from InStyle Wedding, to help the groom look his best! Formal Shirt: A formal button-front shirt should be white or cream. No ruffles! Jacket: Single-breasted, single-button jackets are timeless for a good reason—they'll make his his waist look trim … [Read more...]

Marriage: The Wonder Drug

How would you like to have a bottle of pills that could....? Increase life expectancy Lower a cancer patient's risk of dying from the disease Lower a surgical patient's risk of dying in the hospital Strengthen the immune system Decrease rates of schizophrenia, alcoholism and suicide A longer, healthier, more satisfying life Well this magic pill is not something you'll find at the drugstore, explains James Burg, Ph.D., an associate professor at Indiana University-Purdue, Fort … [Read more...]

Bachelor Party Super Adventures!

Roping steer on horseback, scuba diving, golfing, fishing, biking, gourmet food, breathtaking scenery... If a night at the strip club just doesn't cut it, turn your bachelor party into the adventure of a lifetime that no one will ever forget! Here are just a few ideas to whet your manly appetite! Cattle Wrangling in the open range, like the old-time cowboys? ATV'ing through the rich mountains of southern West Virginia?  Whitewater river rafting through the historic mining valley of Idaho … [Read more...]

Groom Style: Classic & Colorful

So much attention is paid to the bridal gown, that we think it's time we give some attention to the guy’s attire. That's what Geoff White states on his Photography blog, and we agree with him!  This amazing San Francisco wedding photographer is a big fan of khaki suits for outdoor weddings, and also loves seeing a suit personalized with a cool tie. These grooms prove that you can be classy yet colorful at the same time. Cool and confident, in a sharp, well-cut suit, bright tie and … [Read more...]

13 Things to Think About when Renting a Tux for your Wedding

There's something exciting about men wearing tuxedo's. As a little girl, I remember when my parents would get dressed up for a fancy occasion... my mother putting on a beautiful dress with matching heels, and my father donning his tuxedo, complete with cummerbund and bow tie. Then I knew it was really a special occasion! Maybe it's for this reason that some choose to don tuxes for their wedding festivities. If you plan to wear a one to your wedding, it's not something that should be left to … [Read more...]

The Guy’s Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

Although I do have a few opinions about men's fashion, I am far from being an expert. So on the topic of what a man should or should not wear to a wedding, I'll defer to Daniel Billet, your guide to men's fashion and grooming at About.com. Mr. Billet was accustomed to wearing black suits quite often, and what could be more appropriate for a wedding than a nice black suit? That's what he was thinking until he got the invitation to his nephew's daytime wedding in July. What does one wear to a … [Read more...]