Groom Style: Classic & Colorful

So much attention is paid to the bridal gown, that we think it’s time we give some attention to the guy’s attire. That’s what Geoff White states on his Photography blog, and we agree with him!  This amazing San Francisco wedding photographer is a big fan of khaki suits for outdoor weddings, and also loves seeing a suit personalized with a cool tie.

These grooms prove that you can be classy yet colorful at the same time. Cool and confident, in a sharp, well-cut suit, bright tie and matching bout… now that’s hot!  “I would have never guessed a white suit could look so sharp,” says Geoff,  “But it was the ultimate classic look.”

Even when opting for basic black & white, a small touch of color or exotic bud makes a big impact…

Here are a few more of my favorites… please visit Geoff’s Photography Blog for more!