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Like many girls, I had all sorts of ideas and plans about my wedding long before I even met my Mr. Perfect.  Since I wasn't much of a ring girl, I couldn't imagine myself wearing an engagement ring - my thought was to get another piercing in my ear when the time came, and get an engagement earring instead.  Well, as it happened, when the time came, I was up and ready for a proper engagement ring, a classic one, right on my finger.  But now I had to catch up for lost time, for all those years I … [Read more...]

Wedding Cake Toppers with Personality!

Nothing draws attention to your wedding cake like an awesome cake topper, and it's a great way to make a statement about yourselves. Take a look at these adorable, amusing, and audacious cake toppers, you'll never think about wedding cakes the same way again! Kitty Cake Topper by Helyn If you have seen any great toppers, we'd love to hear about them! Please let us know in the comment section below. * I love the vintage vibe of this one, including the sweet verse printed on the … [Read more...]

Distinctive Boutonnieres for the Boys!

Nothing like a splash of color on the lapel to dress up on otherwise black-and-white affair! Whatever the color or style of your men's suits, a boutonniere is an eye-catching and attractive addition. Here are some ideas that are both formal and fun! Fresh flowers, ribbon, fabric, crepe paper, berries, herbs, acorns... this little ornament provides a great little outlet for your creative abilities! * All photos compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings * * Dahlia + Polka dot tie = … [Read more...]

10 Innovative Gift Ideas for your Groomsmen (Father-of-the-Bride & Gooms too!)

We all know it's hard to find cool, meaningful, useful gifts for the guys in your life. Ties and watches are always nice, but how many does a guy need, already? If you're looking for a gift for the man-who's-hard-to-please, or the guy-who's-got-everything, we have an amazing array of gift ideas from AmericanBridal for you! * * 1. Personalized MP3 Cooler Bag For the man who likes to celebrate outdoors, this brilliant bag is, quite simply, a portable party! Snacks and music go, great if … [Read more...]

See What a Groom Can Do!

Believe it or not, the groom can be helpful in the wedding planning process. But as The Groom Says, that requires the brides to be willing to let go. "There are those brides amongst us (and you know who you are) who gripe about juggling a hundred things at once but won't let their man come within three feet of their inspiration notebook for fear that they'll stain the pages with their soiled man fingers. (Yes brides, you know precisely who you are.)" OK. So what can the groom do? I know the … [Read more...]

Feel-Good Bridal Registry: Give to Charity

Charitable wedding registries are a good way to share the love you feel by helping others less fortunate and making our world a better place. Instead of collecting more household items or fat checks, this idea appeals particularly to couples who have just about everything they need already. Plus, your guests will appreciate doing a good deed that benefits others and makes the bride and groom happy. Everyone wins! Here's another good idea, while you're at it: The guys at GroomGroove.com … [Read more...]

Black & White: Hot Color Combo

In the quest for something new and different, brides and grooms may overlook the classic black-and-white color scheme in favor of something more exciting. But this dashing duo is back in the spotlight this season, and it's never been this fun or this dramatic before! * * * * * Here are some new ways of using this old classic. invitations from Brides.com decor ideas from the knot table settings from Brides.com Bride & Groom style from Brides.com cakes from the … [Read more...]

Grooms Go Wild!

Not all is black-and-white in Groomsville these days, and we've got some wild ones here! No, we're not talking about stag nights, we're talking about men's fashion, specifically on the wedding day.  If you're a man of colorful style, take some advice from these handsome grooms: it's your day and you can wear whatever you choose (as long as the bride approves, of course)! feature photo: offbeat bride Real men wear pink: jose villa, ep love via green wedding shoes They also like … [Read more...]

Fun Photo Booth Props for your Wedding!

Photo booths are all the rage, and if you're not quite sure what they're about you can read about it here.  We all know that you can have tons of fun with a few simple props like pretty scarves and wacky sunglasses, but the more creative you can be, the better. And, in some case, the bigger the better! feature photo credit: Mark Lenoce Photography So how cute would it be if you had this awesome Phone Booth prop for your guests to pose with... in... in front of... etc...? I don't know how … [Read more...]

The Art of Folding a Pocket Square

Can't say I have much personal experience with pocket squares, but I do think they give a guy quite a spiffy air!  As an alternative to a boutonniere for the groom or other gentlemen in the wedding party, a neatly folded pocket square is a nice choice, particularly at a daytime event. It's fun to coordinate the color with the guys' ties and suits, or the girls dresses and flowers. There are lots of folding options, but here's a chic, modern look from Martha Stewart Weddings: Pocket … [Read more...]