Grooms Go Wild!

Not all is black-and-white in Groomsville these days, and we’ve got some wild ones here! No, we’re not talking about stag nights, we’re talking about men’s fashion, specifically on the wedding day.  If you’re a man of colorful style, take some advice from these handsome grooms: it’s your day and you can wear whatever you choose (as long as the bride approves, of course)!

feature photo: offbeat bride

Real men wear pink:

jose villa, ep love via green wedding shoes

They also like orange:

epblog, leonce photography

And if they must wear a black tux, a bit of red makes it stand out:

They also wear shorts and bow ties:

jose villa, james christianson via green wedding shoes

They even look dapper in checks (the more contrasting colors the better)!

Tec Petaja

They love hats of all shapes and sizes:

tec petaja via green wedding shoes, offbeat bride, the knot

… And printed shirts:

epblog, offbeat bride

And they sizzles in black leather (that’s a kilt!) and boots:

offbeat bride

And speaking of kilts, of course, cultural costumes are always hot!

epblog, the knot, the knot


  1. The pocket squares are slammin.