Your wedding: “Wear This, Not That”

Some people don't really get the idea of a laid-back wedding, and when instructed to dress casually, still arrive in suits, ties, and formal dresses. Offbeat Bride Mari had a great idea for her wedding which she says, "Fee free to steal." So we'll take her literally and repost the adorable little pamphlet that she emailed the guests to help everyone with packing. feature image credits: Gown, sundress … [Read more...]

Grooms Go Wild!

Not all is black-and-white in Groomsville these days, and we've got some wild ones here! No, we're not talking about stag nights, we're talking about men's fashion, specifically on the wedding day.  If you're a man of colorful style, take some advice from these handsome grooms: it's your day and you can wear whatever you choose (as long as the bride approves, of course)! feature photo: offbeat bride Real men wear pink: jose villa, ep love via green wedding shoes They also like … [Read more...]

Grooms, Have More Fun!

Of course, we all know it's all about the bride. But ya gotta feel sorry for the poor groom who also likes dressing to make a statement. Well, pity no more! On the day that you want to remember forever, Franklin + Gower is ready to dress the groom in clothes that bring color, humor, and life to every occasion. Franklin + Gower is based in my hometown of L.A. (the label takes its name from the notable intersection with a prime view of the Hollywood sign) but you can call for an appointment, … [Read more...]

Tacky: Every Bride’s Nightmare

If there's anything brides fear more than being jilted at the alter, it's having people think their wedding is tacky. You see this word posted all over the message boards and blogs, you'll hear it on your mother's lips, and you'll read about it in bridal magazines. Well Offbeat Bride has a great commentary on how to avoid being tacky when planning your wedding. Basically, um, don't even try.  Because someone, somewhere, is bound to think something about your wedding is tacky: People are … [Read more...]

Grooming the Groom

With all the attention paid to the bride's attire, hair, makeup, and accessories, you might forget that someone else is sharing the spotlight, too. Don't let the groom look anything less than perfect himself! Here are some expert styling tips from InStyle Wedding, to help the groom look his best! Formal Shirt: A formal button-front shirt should be white or cream. No ruffles! Jacket: Single-breasted, single-button jackets are timeless for a good reason—they'll make his his waist look trim … [Read more...]

Engagement Portraits with Flair!

Engagement sessions are great because you get a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera while also getting to know your photographer, says Geoff White, a San Francisco wedding photographer. It takes a lot of pressure off the wedding day, and allows your wedding photographer to hit the ground running, as you have already established that comfort level. Photo: Brian Crane Phototgraphy Planning your Engagement Session You want to show off your relationship and also your personality, … [Read more...]

Do you need some SPANX?

Because if you do, now's the time to get them with free shipping (until January 6, 2009)! We all know that what you are wearing looks only as good as what's underneath it, and that's especially true with a wedding gown or other formal wear! So, if you need some body shapers, supportive bras, stockings, or other slimming apparel, Spanx will keep you sizzling hot even when it's co-o-o-old outside! Thanks to the Relentless Bride for the head's up on free shipping! We like free stuff! … [Read more...]

The Big Money Saving Wedding Gown Secret

Looking to save money on a bridal gown? Here's the ultimate money-saving tip when it comes to dresses: Don't wear one! Nudists everywhere are jumping on the nudist wedding bandwagon, and just think how much money they're saving on clothing! With 50,000 members of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), nude weddings are a natural extension of these people's way of life. Like Pamela and Lee, who wedded in the nude while 600 guests (only 12 of which were fully clothed) watched. … [Read more...]