Fun Photo Booth Props for your Wedding!

Photo booths are all the rage, and if you’re not quite sure what they’re about you can read about it here.  We all know that you can have tons of fun with a few simple props like pretty scarves and wacky sunglasses, but the more creative you can be, the better. And, in some case, the bigger the better!

feature photo credit: Mark Lenoce Photography

So how cute would it be if you had this awesome Phone Booth prop for your guests to pose with… in… in front of… etc…? I don’t know how much this costs to actually buy, but with some imagination I bet you could replicate it with some cardboard boxes and red paint.

I also love this glamorous Crescent-Moon and Star Photo Booth from Martha Stewart! I think it would be great, not only for the bride and groom, but for your guests to get their pose on, too! You can make it out of foam board cut into a crescent shape, sprayed with glue, blanketed with glitter, and hung with fishing wire.

Another pretty option is this pop-up alter, which you can use for your vows, if you like, and then transfer to your photo booth location! Martha Stewart recommends creating this type of fluttering canopy out of these honeycomb leaf garlands. If you want to DIY, click: Get the How-To.


Pretty much anything can be used as a photo booth prop. If your wedding is outdoors, you could put the “Photo booth here” sign pointing to the vehicle of your choice, such as classic car, a rented Rolls, or a vintage pickup truck. And going back to the foam board, you could make your own life-sized car, complete with cut-out windows, for guests to have fun with! (Photo by Steve C. via


  1. I LOVE the photobooth idea. The first time I saw it was from a photographer friend of mine in SC and I’m trying to make work in South FL. In fact I’ll meet with a bride tonight and I’m so hoping she will book it!