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Bridal Fashion 2011: Short and Sassy!

Short wedding dresses are not just for summer anymore! These wedding gowns may have less fabric, but there's no shortage of attention when it comes to the designers this season, and they are loving this style! You'll love it too if you want something that stands out from the traditional bridal gown. From daring minis to demure tea-length dresses, there are lots of gorgeous dresses to choose from this season! Ruffles, flowers, feathers, teirs, pleats, and bows are just some of the pretty … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Feel like a Princess!

There's nothing like a flaring A-line or a sweeping ballgown to make you feel like a princess. Your wedding day may just be the only time you can get away with a fairytale dress like this, so if cinched waists and rustling petticoats are what you pine for, here are some gorgeous new dresses you'll love for 2011! * * * * All photos from Martha Stewart Weddings. Priscilla of Boston, Spring 2011, Photograph by firstVIEW. Amsale, Spring 2011, … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Stunning Sheaths for Fall

Designers are coming out with some truly gorgeous bridal gowns this season, and the sheath seems to be a favorite among many. The shapely silhouette is elegant and timeless, and the gentle curves are flattering to just about about every woman.  But if you're looking for something daring and edgy, this is the style for you too- just try it in a clingy fabric with a plunging neckline! A sheath is anything but simple! These amazing gowns come strapless and with sleeves, in silk and lace, … [Read more...]

Garden Tea Party Wedding Shower

I am totally smitten with this Mad Hatter Tea Party themed bridal shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes, with photography by Bryan Miller. The bride and her sister have always been fans of the Mad Hatter, so a Sunday brunch bridal shower in their parents back yard was the perfect setting for this whimsical tea party in the grass.  "I can't say enough how much we got at thift stores and sap meets," says the bride's sister, who planned the party. "The great thing about this theme is the more … [Read more...]

Green Wedding Trends: Reuse, Recycle, Recreate!

One of today's greatest trends is recycling. The amazing and beautiful things that people create from old, cast-off items is astounding! From bottles and cans to old doors and windows, there are tons of ways to turn someone else's junk into your treasure! image: Message in a bottle Here's a super cute table number idea that was inspired by a restaurant that had something like it on their tables.  All you  need are some tin cans, paint, and a drill... Aren't they cute? Inexpensive, … [Read more...]

Getting your Beauty Sleep: Banishing Pre-Wedding Jitters

Getting a good night's sleep (6-8 hours per night) is crucial for your health, and too much or too little is known to cause problems in many areas.  Among the negative effects caused by sleep deprivation are a weaker immune system, weight gain, memory loss, and increase in stress-related disorders such as ulcers, constipation, and heart disease. And on a more superficial note, sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your looks, causing dark circles or bags under your eyes, make your skin … [Read more...]