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Groom Style: Classic & Colorful

So much attention is paid to the bridal gown, that we think it's time we give some attention to the guy’s attire. That's what Geoff White states on his Photography blog, and we agree with him!  This amazing San Francisco wedding photographer is a big fan of khaki suits for outdoor weddings, and also loves seeing a suit personalized with a cool tie. These grooms prove that you can be classy yet colorful at the same time. Cool and confident, in a sharp, well-cut suit, bright tie and … [Read more...]

Engagement Portraits with Flair!

Engagement sessions are great because you get a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera while also getting to know your photographer, says Geoff White, a San Francisco wedding photographer. It takes a lot of pressure off the wedding day, and allows your wedding photographer to hit the ground running, as you have already established that comfort level. Photo: Brian Crane Phototgraphy Planning your Engagement Session You want to show off your relationship and also your personality, … [Read more...]

Groom: How to tie a Bow Tie

You may not find many opportunities to wear a bow tie, in which case you bow-tying skill may be a bit rusty (or non-existent). It's not as hard as it seems, says the number one stop for wedding-related etiquette, the Knot. In a nutshell, tying a bow tie is just like tying your shoe laces. Here's a step-by-step guide (for photo references to help you along, click here). 1. Put the tie around your neck so that the ends hang down the front. End "A" (on your left) is longer than end "B". 2. … [Read more...]

Spring’s Best & Worst Bridesmaids

Yay! Spring is finally here, and in honor of April we are presnting the winners of a little contest. The votes are in (OK, well, mine is really the only vote that counts here...) and we have a winner for SPRING'S BEST AND WORST BRIDESMAIDS!! Are you ready? Best! This picture looks a million times better if you see the original at Flickr, by the talented Flora Photography.  (You should definitely check it out here, as well as her other gorgeous wedding photography.)  I am just in love with … [Read more...]

Kickin’ Bridal Footwear!

White satin pumps are great for some brides, there are many other footwear options for the imaginative bride who marches (or dances?) to her own tune! Splash of Color One wedding shoe trend that that is sure to delight everyone has brides wearing vivid colored bridal shoes underneath their wedding gowns. I love it!! Whether it's a feisty red, sunny yellow, or even your "something blue," colorful shoes will highlight your adventurous spirit. Photos from: Nathat Walker (Flickr) and … [Read more...]

How to balance the needs of your spouse and your parents

In-law problems are among the top reasons for divorce, says Jenna D. Barry, the author of "A Wife’s Guide to In-laws: How to Gain Your Husband’s Loyalty Without Killing His Parents." . By uniting as a couple, you have the power to eliminate this threat to your marriage. Although everyone yearns for a strong, healthy marriage, sometimes couples feel torn. It's impossible to please everybody all the time, so when there's a conflict between the needs of a spouse and the needs of a parent, you … [Read more...]