Spring’s Best & Worst Bridesmaids

Yay! Spring is finally here, and in honor of April we are presnting the winners of a little contest. The votes are in (OK, well, mine is really the only vote that counts here…) and we have a winner for SPRING’S BEST AND WORST BRIDESMAIDS!! Are you ready?


This picture looks a million times better if you see the original at Flickr, by the talented Flora Photography.  (You should definitely check it out here, as well as her other gorgeous wedding photography.)  I am just in love with the whole color scheme here…  the bridesmaids’ blue dresses, combined with the crisp white flower girl dresses and matching bows… the bright, cheerful daisies… it’s like the picture sucks you right in to a perfect spring day, when the air is fresh and finally warm enough to go sleeveless and  you just want to romp through the meadows with an arm-full of wildflowers… mmmmmm!


It’s not the dresses themselves that are so awful here, it’s the headdress… and not the bride’s! I know this photo is taken in a different era and that styles have changed, but was it really acceptable back then to make your bridesmaids… and mother… wear veils?! It’s really a shame, because otherwise these bridesmaids are quite lovely. I really do like the dainty yellow dresses and the Mother of the Bride’s pale green gown. But it’s hard to tear your eyes away from those hideous headdresses….