Kickin’ Bridal Footwear!

White satin pumps are great for some brides, there are many other footwear options for the imaginative bride who marches (or dances?) to her own tune!

Splash of Color

One wedding shoe trend that that is sure to delight everyone has brides wearing vivid colored bridal shoes underneath their wedding gowns. I love it!! Whether it’s a feisty red, sunny yellow, or even your “something blue,” colorful shoes will highlight your adventurous spirit.

Photos from: Nathat Walker (Flickr) and Inspired Occasions

These boots are made for…

These boots are made for brides, of course! And why not? From sweet little ankle boots to kickin’ knee-highs, you can find the perfect boot to suit your bridal style. Ladylike Victorian lace ups… Western cowboy-style… even real satin dyable bridal boots… There’s a boot for every bride!

Pictures from Manolo and Flora Photography.

Barefoot Sandals

To be the ultimate beach bride, consider wearing barefoot sandals. They’re bottomless, so you don’t have to worry about pesky sand in your shoes or getting a heel caught, but their enchanting beads and charms adorn your feet beautifully. Barefoot sandals are often also referred to as slave anklets, but they make fun and fanciful footwear for a beach bride!   From simple ribbons to extravagant swarovski crystals, these sandals are priced well below your standard bridal shoes!

These barefoot sandals are from Style Hive and Sella:

Nude Heels for long, lean legs

If you are wearing a tea length or mini-dress, you are probably looking for ways to show off your legs!  To elongate your legs, wear high-heeled nude shoes. Choose a color that matches your skin tone; nude tones will look great with gowns of any color (including white, of course) and make you legs look like they’re going on forever!

Photo credits: Photobucket and Zimbio

Bridal Flats and Kitten Heels

Destination wedding? Beachy, rocky, or grassy locations may make it hard to find footwear that’s pretty yet practical.  While style options do include flip flops, there’s no need to settle for anything less than supreme elegance.  Ballet flats, open-toe sandals, strappy shoes… there are so many beautiful and comfortable shoes to choose from!

These wedding flats are compliments of My Lovely Big Feet, Bride’s Best Mate, Perfect Details.

Sneaks and Tennis Shoes

Now let’s take comfort one step further (pun intended!) If you’re trying to make a statement by wearing All Stars, you really have to do it right, like this awesome bride in purple Converses, a la Manolo. But if you just want to be comfy and don’t much care for the dictates of fashion, then break out the Keds and rhinestones, and party hardy!

Custom Designed Satin and Pearl Beaded Bridal Tennis Shoes:


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