Groom: How to tie a Bow Tie

You may not find many opportunities to wear a bow tie, in which case you bow-tying skill may be a bit rusty (or non-existent). It’s not as hard as it seems, says the number one stop for wedding-related etiquette, the Knot. In a nutshell, tying a bow tie is just like tying your shoe laces. Here’s a step-by-step guide (for photo references to help you along, click here).

1. Put the tie around your neck so that the ends hang down the front. End “A” (on your left) is longer than end “B”.

2. Cross end “A” over the top of “B”.

3. Pull end “A” up and behind end “B”.

4. Create a loop with end “B”. This will be half your bow.

5. Next, let end “A” hang in front of the loop you just formed.

6. Hold everything in place, pulling end “A” behind the tie from below, then folding it in half to create the other side of the bow. Poke this loop through the space behind loop “B.”

7. Voila! You’ve tied the tie. If it looks funny or bedraggled, adjust the tie by tugging at its ends and straightening the center knot.

One last tip: If you simply can’t tie your tie, get yourself a pre-tied bow tie. Just clasp it at the back of your neck and set off down the aisle!

Feature image from Geoff White Photography


  1. Nice post. Thanks for outlining the steps so clearly 🙂