Wedding Cake Toppers with Personality!

Nothing draws attention to your wedding cake like an awesome cake topper, and it's a great way to make a statement about yourselves. Take a look at these adorable, amusing, and audacious cake toppers, you'll never think about wedding cakes the same way again! Kitty Cake Topper by Helyn If you have seen any great toppers, we'd love to hear about them! Please let us know in the comment section below. * I love the vintage vibe of this one, including the sweet verse printed on the … [Read more...]

Calligraphic Maps Add Flair to Your Wedding

In today's digital age, there's nothing like a touch of handwriting to turn the mundane into something unique and personal. For those who have the means, handwritten calligraphy makes eye candy out of everything, from envelopes to place cards. One special way to employ your calligrapher is to have him/her draw a map for those hard-to-find locations or destination weddings. Maps can be used as save-the-date cards, included in the invitation suite, or inserted in the welcome baskets at your … [Read more...]

Distinctive Boutonnieres for the Boys!

Nothing like a splash of color on the lapel to dress up on otherwise black-and-white affair! Whatever the color or style of your men's suits, a boutonniere is an eye-catching and attractive addition. Here are some ideas that are both formal and fun! Fresh flowers, ribbon, fabric, crepe paper, berries, herbs, acorns... this little ornament provides a great little outlet for your creative abilities! * All photos compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings * * Dahlia + Polka dot tie = … [Read more...]

Bridal Adornments: Something Different, Something Blue

A white gown, shimmering veil, and dazzling tiara are perfect for some brides. Then there are those who want a black dresses, leather boots, and peacock feathers. Whatever your fashion style is, here are some fabulous online shops to buy bridal jewelry and accessories that will dazzle and delight every bride! * Do you have a bridal accessory website that's too great not to share? Please let us know about it in the comment section below! * Portobello Bridal Collection This website … [Read more...]

Attention-Stealing, Latex Bridal Gowns by Kim West

They're stunning, white, and wearable, but not for the faint of heart! They're super sexy latex bridal gowns designed by Kim West, and she is now offering the bridal market something completely unique! Kim West achieved mainstream success in the nineties with her wearable rubber women's collection. She has dressed many celebrities and fashion icons including Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Isabella Rosselini, and Helena Bonham Carter. Now she's back with a slick new Spring-Summer 2010 bridal … [Read more...]

Unique Wedding Program Ideas

Not every wedding needs a program, but in certain situations you may find it helpful. It can help make the experience more meaningful and personal for your guests. For example, if you are having a religious or cultural wedding, with many guests who are of another faith or culture, a program is a useful way to let everyone know what to expect. A program is also a great way to say your "thank you's" and introduce family and wedding party members. Here are some ways to dress up your programs in … [Read more...]

10 Fun and Funky Ways to Dress your Bridesmaids

You wedding ensemble was chosen amidst great deliberation, and the wedding day is the bride's time dazzle.  But although the spotlight is on you, you'll have more fun if you share the attention and include others in your fun! Let your trusty bridesmaids shine in their dresses too. Choosing unique gowns that incorporate your chosen colors and compliment your own dress can be lots of fun, and will add style and flair to your celebration... not to mention your photos! Here are 10 ways to choose … [Read more...]