Summer Wedding Favor Fever!

I've been browsing for the perfect wedding favors for a summer celebration, and there are so many fun and funky gifts it's hard to post only a handful. Here are some great ideas that we know you'll love to give, your guests will love to receive, and your wallets will adore, too! * * * Fans & Parasols Summer months and tropical climates are ideal for weddings, but when the sun is beating down upon you, wouldn't a nice fan or parasol come in handy? wedding favors to save the day! … [Read more...]

Luscious Summer Wedding Color: Strawberry!

For stunning wedding gown accents, bridal party palette, and luscious wedding decor, nothing says summer better than mouth-watering strawberry hues. Hot pinks, crimson, and corals are in the spotlight today, and here are some gorgeous ideas to get you in the mood! * * * Red invitations with gold calligraphy, via The Knot. Red, floor-length dress, $280, Lazaro. For your bridesmaids... or the daring bride! (via Crystal vases topped with red, silk … [Read more...]

Summer Wedding: Beat the Heat

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can spend the whole glorious day outdoors, if you choose, from the photo shoot to the ceremony to the dancing. The heat, however, might pose a bit of a beauty hazard, unless you take steps to keep your bridal style cool and comfortable. * * Hair A hair style that keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face might be the best option. It's also very flattering to the face and neck. To keep hair sleek and avoid frizz, use a smoothing serum to … [Read more...]

Short Wedding Dresses for Summer 2011

I admit:  I don't totally get the short wedding dress trend. Getting married is just about the only time you'll ever have the chance to wear a long, gorgeous, poofy dress... with a train... and a veil down to your toes... why would you want to give that up?! I do understand that not everyone agrees with me. Obviously not everyone agrees with me, because there are quite a lot of short dresses making it onto the runways today! And some, I admit, are pretty darling.  So if you're got a beach … [Read more...]

Weddings with Fans & Parasols

I loved this post on Manolo so much that I decided to carry on the theme here. An outdoor summer wedding is all about enjoying the season, and keeping cool. What better way than to outfit the bridal party and even the guests with some pretty fans or colorful parasols to keep cool! As Twistie points out, "there’s nothing wrong with not using flowers for your hand-held accessories. Many a bride and bridesmaid down the ages has carried a fan, a parasol, a prayer book, or nothing at all in her … [Read more...]

Colorful Summer Bridesmaids

Summer bridesmaids can get away with just about any color you like: icy cool blues, bright sunny yellows, hot fiery reds. Martha Stewart Weddings has done the work for you, creating a palette of bridesmaids dresses in every hue, for every mood. Click here to see each dress (and matching accessories) in detail! feature image from Manolo via  Watters … [Read more...]

Summer Wedding Fitness

It's summer time and wedding time... and whether you're the bride, the maid of honor, or just a guest bound for a beach wedding, you want to look your best! But don't fall for crash diets and 8-hour workout sessions... instead turn to to find out what the fitness experts suggest. Here are some of their secret weapons to help you get sexy for the season! Plan toward your Goal Chris Gaines of Equinox Fitness in Palo Alto, California offers these key steps: Set a goal: Get … [Read more...]

Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2009

I f you're looking for something fresh and exciting, you're in luck! The popular wedding colors for summer 2009 are definitely  mixing it up a bit! Gray is taking over for brown, stealing center stage as the new neutral of choice. Lest you think of gray as drab and dreary, wedding stylists assure us us that it is THE hip, sophisticated foil for brighter colors. It's versatile, yet classic. Showcase you trendsetting tendencies by incorporating silver in shimmering fabrics, sparkling jewelry, … [Read more...]

Flowers and Fairy Tales: The Garden Theme Wedding

For the setting of the sweetest day of your life, what could be more romantic than taking a walk down a grassy isle, surrounded by blue skies, butterflies, and the heady perfume of a garden in bloom? The Faire Garden blog has pictures of the most beautiful garden wedding! I can catch the scent of those flowers all the way from here! And not just flowers... don't you wish you could offer your guests treats like this... straight off the vine! Even if you don't have a gorgeous 5 … [Read more...]

More Hot Summer Wedding Trends

June is gone, but summer is not over yet!! The most popular wedding season, summer nuptials have a flavor all their own. But that doesn't mean you have to stick with the summer wedding tradition standbys, according to The Knot (on ABC7). Read on for eight new ideas for your hot summer celebration. Trend: Dynamic Colors Think sophisticated brights. Sticking with just two hues (or two plus an accent color) will keep your space unified. Rather than splashing color all over … [Read more...]