Summer Wedding: Beat the Heat

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can spend the whole glorious day outdoors, if you choose, from the photo shoot to the ceremony to the dancing. The heat, however, might pose a bit of a beauty hazard, unless you take steps to keep your bridal style cool and comfortable.




A hair style that keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face might be the best option. It’s also very flattering to the face and neck. To keep hair sleek and avoid frizz, use a smoothing serum to damp hair before drying it. Avoid avoid alcohol-based gels which can dry your hair out.

For a sun-kissed look try highlighting your hair in a style called baliage, which is French for “strands of color.”  Strand of hair are hand painted, which results in a more natural look that’s easier to maintain than traditional highlights.


You’ll want to use sheer, long-lasting cosmetics that won’t fade or drip. Layering your makeup will help it to last longer, for example use an eyeliner pencil, followed by a liquid liner. Use an eye shadow primer and then your eyeshadow.  For cheeks, apply a cream blush and then a similar shade of powder. And for lips, use a stain and then lipstick or gloss.

For blemishes or uneven skin tones, apply makeup with a foundation brush only where you need it, and follow up with a dusting of powder for a matte finish.


Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water in the days before your wedding.  Cut back on alcohol and spicy foods. When you shower, use a moisturizing cleanser and finish off with a fast-absorbing dry oil instead of a heavy moisturizing cream, which can cause you to perspire.

You can also use a moisture-absorbing powder on your body to keep perspiration in check. And of course a powerful antiperspirant is key for underarms– and feet, where it will keep your shoes from slipping off!

Try to time your day so you won’t be rushing around. If you do start to feel overheated, run your wrists under cold water and take a long drink of water.



Consider a gowns in breathable fabrics such as silk, to avoid getting sweaty and sticky (ew!). Or follow the example of other modern brides who are choosing shorter skirts or light, elegant sheaths.  For the guys, a crisp linen suit might be a nice choice. Or, for the ultimate beach wedding, go casual and wear sundresses, khakis and sandals!

Photos and Ideas from Martha Stewart Wedding