Garden Tea Party Wedding Shower

I am totally smitten with this Mad Hatter Tea Party themed bridal shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes, with photography by Bryan Miller. The bride and her sister have always been fans of the Mad Hatter, so a Sunday brunch bridal shower in their parents back yard was the perfect setting for this whimsical tea party in the grass.  "I can't say enough how much we got at thift stores and sap meets," says the bride's sister, who planned the party. "The great thing about this theme is the more … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Details

It's heating up outside as we get into the full swing of summer, but I'm sure that brides planning a winter wedding are finding it hard to focus on beach themes and warm weather attire. So if you've got a special day coming up in about 6 months' time, here's a sweet little blog to put you in the wintery mood. It's called, fittingly, little winter bride. It's short on text, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and each post features a photo that's sure to intrigue and inspire. Here are … [Read more...]

Wedding Desserts Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Wedding desserts... it's not just about cake anymore! Brides, grooms, and their caterers are stretching their imaginations to the limit when thinking up new, creative, decadent, delectable desserts for their guests. (And they've been good guests... they deserve a special treat, don't you think?!) Think of anything you'd like-- candy bars, ice cream sundaes, even rice crispy treats-- and then take it to the next level! Here are some ideas that your sweet tooth (and your inner child) are sure … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Personalize your Wedding

The following ideas come from Colin Cowie, celebrity event  planner, author, and wedding expert. Here are his top ten tips on personalizing your wedding! 1. Pick a picture of you and your groom, and use it on your save-the-date notice. Whether your send it by email or snail-mail, a personalized save-the-date won’t be forgotten. 2. That's my menu! Instead of a place card at each place setting, have a printed menu that’s personalized with the guest’s name on top. 3. Fun … [Read more...]

Engagement Portraits with Flair!

Engagement sessions are great because you get a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera while also getting to know your photographer, says Geoff White, a San Francisco wedding photographer. It takes a lot of pressure off the wedding day, and allows your wedding photographer to hit the ground running, as you have already established that comfort level. Photo: Brian Crane Phototgraphy Planning your Engagement Session You want to show off your relationship and also your personality, … [Read more...]

A Bright Idea for Uploading Guest Wedding Photos On the Spot

You have a photographer lined up for your wedding, of course, but with all the other wanna-be photographers snapping your picture on the Big Day, there are bound to be a number of gems among them... some that the photographer might even have missed. For example, the NY Times reports that at Rush Hambleton’s wedding in 2005, “my wife and I left the wedding on a restored Vespa motor scooter, sailing off into darkness,” he says. “The photographer missed the shot.”  Luckily, a friend happened to … [Read more...]

Photo slideshow provides instant entertainment at your wedding

I saw a great entertainment idea for your wedding, especially if you'll have a lull in the action where guests might get a little bored. Wedding Elegante suggests giving your guests the simple pleasure of immediate gratification. Many photographers have the ability to display images from the wedding day shortly after they are taken. Wouldn't it be nice to include your guests in the parts of the ceremony they may have missed? Think about moments like early morning preparations, close up's from … [Read more...]