Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Details

It’s heating up outside as we get into the full swing of summer, but I’m sure that brides planning a winter wedding are finding it hard to focus on beach themes and warm weather attire. So if you’ve got a special day coming up in about 6 months’ time, here’s a sweet little blog to put you in the wintery mood. It’s called, fittingly, little winter bride.

It’s short on text, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and each post features a photo that’s sure to intrigue and inspire.

Here are some of my favorites!

photo via erin hearts court

vintage stockings from here


NYC wedding in the rain! Let the umbrellas be accessories! Cup of Jo’s blog

wedding accessories from j.crew bridal boutique

Deep purple, velvet Ralph Lauren bridesmaids dresses. I kind of like it!

Halloween wedding inspiration from little dailys

How about escaping the cold, and having a greenhouse wedding? Photo source

Can’t get enough? Head over to little winter bride for more!


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