Wedding Desserts Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Wedding desserts… it’s not just about cake anymore! Brides, grooms, and their caterers are stretching their imaginations to the limit when thinking up new, creative, decadent, delectable desserts for their guests. (And they’ve been good guests… they deserve a special treat, don’t you think?!)

Think of anything you’d like– candy bars, ice cream sundaes, even rice crispy treats– and then take it to the next level! Here are some ideas that your sweet tooth (and your inner child) are sure to go crazy for.

Whatever the Weather…

The time of year is one easy way to pick a desert.  Banana splits (or in this case a a roasted plantain topped with coconut ice cream, dulce de leche syrup, and toasted coconut) for a yummy summer treat. For spring time, individual cupcakes topped with sugar flowers are a sweet ending to your wedding meal. Espresso is an elegant way to warm your guests up before sending them out into the winter night (especially one like this, sprinkled with edible gold leaf and spiked with hot chocolate and vanilla-infused liqueur). Photos & ideas from

Not Just For Kids…

Your favorite childhood treat has a newer, chic-er cousin. Here we’ve got nuggets of Rice Krispies Treats sprinkled with hazelnut praline and surrounded by crème fraîche.  If Jell-O is what you fancy, try jelly with green tea and mint, garnished with kiwi and lemon peel. Crackerjack fan? Try the grown-up version made from caramel corn and vanilla cola sorbet with crème anglaise and sponge cake layers. Yum!! Photos & ideas from

It’s all in the Presentation

Even the simplest of ideas can be dressed up in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd.  Below, the humble honeydew is given a new look with sprigs of fresh oregano and a stylish margarita glass. If pecan pie is where your heart lies, you will love these mini-chocolate bourbon pecan pies, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce! Are you thinking cheesecake? How about a petite cheesecake (mini things are always fun) served with crème fraîche, fresh berries and mint! Photos & ideas from

Can’t go Wrong with Candy

Depending on your style, your candy selection can be glamorous enough for even the most upscale affair, or familiar for your casual event. For something impressive (and organic!) try these sugared jelly candies (called “vellies”) made from vegetables, fruits and herbs. Your guests can indulge their sweet tooth with an assortment of candies in old-fashioned jars or contemporary displays. Choose your favorite colors and types, from jelly beans and candied fruit to rock candy and M&M’s!

When trying to come up with the perfect ending to your wedding dinner, The Knot has some great  ideas to think about that might provide your inspiration:

  • A special dessert at  your favorite restaurant.
  • A regional specialty that symbolizes where you live/ grew up.
  • Your favorite childhood candies or candy bar.
  • Your favorite comfort food.
  • A delicious discovery you made while traveling.
  • Something from your ethnic background.

For a gallery of even more gorgeous, mouth-watering wedding dessert ideas, click here to visit!