Wedding Dress Inspiration from Past Era’s

The rage today in wedding fashion is all about asserting your own style. But in doing so, many brides are finding inspiration in the page of yesterday's fashion magazines. As you may have noticed, terms like "classic" and "vintage" are hot in everything wedding-related. So when it comes to your wedding gown, taking a look back in time is a good place to start. Are you a fun-loving flapper from the 20's or an elegant lady of the 50's? Take a look at these gowns, each one reminiscent of one of … [Read more...]

Hot Wedding Trends for 2011

A new year, a whole new world of wedding style opportunity.  Here we present some great new wedding trends for 2011, via The Knot, so take a look, steal an idea or two, and make it your own awesome wedding adventure! Roaring 20's Style: Take a wedding style cue from the dapper fashion of the 1920s. Think dusty nude and lace dresses for your bridesmaids and wing-tip shoes for the guys. Dancing the night away to the cool strains of jazz. And of course the Prohibition era vibe wouldn't be … [Read more...]

Garden Tea Party Wedding Shower

I am totally smitten with this Mad Hatter Tea Party themed bridal shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes, with photography by Bryan Miller. The bride and her sister have always been fans of the Mad Hatter, so a Sunday brunch bridal shower in their parents back yard was the perfect setting for this whimsical tea party in the grass.  "I can't say enough how much we got at thift stores and sap meets," says the bride's sister, who planned the party. "The great thing about this theme is the more … [Read more...]

Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Celebrities (Part 2)

When looking for real-life inspiration for your wedding hairstyle, there are always the stars of Hollywood to turn to! Beautiful and always well-groomed, these leading ladies lead the way when it comes to hairstyles worth imitating. These do's will have you all ready to walk down the red carpet-- and definitely down the isle! * Photos from In Style Weddings. * Jessica Alba's stylist Robert Ramos diffused her hair to coax out its natural wave, parted it in the middle and and … [Read more...]

Wedding Invitation Inspiration!

Wedding invitations are the first taste your guests will get of what's in store for your special day. Keep it simple and elegant, or make a bold statement-- it's your call!  But if you're having a hard time deciding which direction to go in (papers, colors, fonts, oh my!) take a look at these lovely invitations for a little bit of wedding invitation inspiration! Sunny Yellow & Blue Invitation from Martha Stewart Weddings * * * * Scrolled Romance via Wedding … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Details

It's heating up outside as we get into the full swing of summer, but I'm sure that brides planning a winter wedding are finding it hard to focus on beach themes and warm weather attire. So if you've got a special day coming up in about 6 months' time, here's a sweet little blog to put you in the wintery mood. It's called, fittingly, little winter bride. It's short on text, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and each post features a photo that's sure to intrigue and inspire. Here are … [Read more...]