2011 Bridal Trend: Braided Hairstyles

There's something about braided hair that is unabashedly feminine.  And they're versatile-- you can wear them long and loose in a bohemian style, or sleek and sculpted for a more sophisticated look. Plus, all you need are your fingers-- no heat or special tools-- to achieve the perfect look. Besides, braids are one of today's hottest bridal trends, so you'll be chic, stylish and beautiful on your big day! feature image: The Knot Ballerina Twist: The ballerina twist up-do is a soft and … [Read more...]

Summer Wedding: Beat the Heat

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can spend the whole glorious day outdoors, if you choose, from the photo shoot to the ceremony to the dancing. The heat, however, might pose a bit of a beauty hazard, unless you take steps to keep your bridal style cool and comfortable. * * Hair A hair style that keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face might be the best option. It's also very flattering to the face and neck. To keep hair sleek and avoid frizz, use a smoothing serum to … [Read more...]

Eat your Way to Gorgeous, Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails!

Getting gorgeous for your wedding means more than just what makeup you wear or how you do your  hair. The foundation of  beauty is good health, and that requires as much attention to what you put IN your body, as what you put ON it! Here are some important nutritional guidelines from Martha Stewart Wedding on how to achieve that inner glow, signalling true beauty! Antioxidants Glowing Skin! Antioxidants keep your skin healthy by blocking out cell-damaging free radicals from pollution and UV … [Read more...]

My Wedding: 5 Things I’d Do Over Differently

My wedding was definitely the best day of my life. (This was one-upped after I gave birth for the first time, but at the time, things couldn't have been better.)  A perfect golden California day. A glorious dress with my mother's breathtaking lace veil. Surrounded by all the people I loved most. Marrying the guy of my dreams. How could it have gotten better? Oh, it could have, but just a teeny-tiny bit, and just in the small details! I was a very laid back bride and pretty much said "OK!" to … [Read more...]

Glamorous Updos for the Bride

Upswept hair styles have long been favored among brides for their elegance, versatility, and ease. This style is low-maintenance and best reveals the bride's face, jewelry, and dress. Your wedding-day hairstyle should flatter your face and also be in keeping with your overall look. A sleek, sculpted updo is more formal; a soft upsweep with a few loose tendrils is more romantic. Have a good time playing around with hairdo's, either at home or with a stylist. Bring pictures of styles you … [Read more...]

Wedding Hair Inspiration: Highlights

Your hair color will contribute something special your wedding day hairstyle.  If you are considering getting highlights, make sure you test them out way before your wedding day, so you can adjust the shade if necessary (or cover them up if you really hate them!). Whether you want something subtle or a whole new look, highlights are a fun way to change your look. Make sure you have a reliable hairstylist, and then use this Hair Inspiration Gallery from iVillage to find that perfect look. All … [Read more...]

Bridal Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to the Day Of

Glowing, blushing, beautiful... certain adjectives ring true when attached to the word "bride."  But if you are somewhere in the months or weeks leading up to your wedding, you may find the preparations leaving you tired, stressed, and haggard. So when is that fabled "glow" supposed to arrive? Well, it will, regardless of how much time you spend cultivating it, but  there are things you can do now to ensure you'll look your best. Follow these tips from Martha Stewart Weddings, and whatever … [Read more...]

Autumn Wedding Trimmings: Sequins!

Something about an autumn wedding makes me think about warm, vibrant colors and a little bit of sparkle. That's why I love the idea of using sequins as part of your wedding decor- they're inexpensive, easy to apply, and look charming on just about everything! sequin pump: Unbeatable Sale, hair accessory: I am Fashion, Sequin Clutch Bag: Glitzy-n-Glamorous Dresses, Shoes, & Accessories: On clothing, a little bit of sequin goes a long way! Personally, I don't think many women can pull off … [Read more...]

Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Celebrities (Part 2)

When looking for real-life inspiration for your wedding hairstyle, there are always the stars of Hollywood to turn to! Beautiful and always well-groomed, these leading ladies lead the way when it comes to hairstyles worth imitating. These do's will have you all ready to walk down the red carpet-- and definitely down the isle! * Photos from In Style Weddings. * Jessica Alba's stylist Robert Ramos diffused her hair to coax out its natural wave, parted it in the middle and and … [Read more...]

Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Celebrities (Part 1)

Today's stars know what looking good is all about. And there's no better place to draw beauty inspiration for your wedding day than the red carpet. If you want a wedding "do" that's all about glamor, check out Brides.com's photo gallery of Red Carpet Wedding Hairstyles. Here are some of our favorites! * * * * Glamorous Up-do's Maggie Gyllenhaal at the 2010 Academy Awards Jennifer Morrison at the 2010 Golden Globes Courtney Cox Arquette at the 2010 Golden … [Read more...]