2011 Bridal Trend: Braided Hairstyles

There’s something about braided hair that is unabashedly feminine.  And they’re versatile– you can wear them long and loose in a bohemian style, or sleek and sculpted for a more sophisticated look. Plus, all you need are your fingers– no heat or special tools– to achieve the perfect look.

Besides, braids are one of today’s hottest bridal trends, so you’ll be chic, stylish and beautiful on your big day!

feature image: The Knot

Ballerina Twist: The ballerina twist up-do is a soft and romantic  hairstyle for the classic bride. This one’s got a little braided action going on!  (via One Wed.com)

Long and Loose: Nicole Kidman shows us how a long, loose braid paired with side-swept bangs can be classic yet current. (via iVillage)

Beach hair: Braids are great for a relaxed, casual wedding, when you wear them in a loose and unfussy style. (via HubPages)

Sophisticated Updo: Adding some tiny braids into upswept hair turns a regular updo into something special. Take a cue from Jessica Alba! (via WooInfo)

Embellished Braid: The look of  a braid, without any actual braiding! Unusual and elegant at the same time. (via The Knot)

Textured hair: Lots of texture makes this hairstyle stand out from the crowd (a la Blake Lively)! (via iVillage)

Fishtail Braid: Another causal look that’s great for an outdoor wedding! (via The Knot)

Soft Sweep: Seven loose braids are brought together and secured with pins. The rest of the hair flows naturally for a pretty half-up-half-down do. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)