Clever Guestbooks You’ll Want to Read and Re-read

Not everyone comes up with witty, thoughtful, or earth-shattering sentiments to inscribe in an ordinary guest book. Leave it to Martha to come up with this clever alternative: Each dinner table bears a blank book with a question on the cover, such as "What is your favorite memory of us?" or "What should we name our kids?" Plus, each guest finds a pen and a ribbon, reading "Don't forget to sign the booklet," atop the napkin. This is a great conversation-starter for guests, and assigned … [Read more...]

Wedding Cake Toppers with Personality!

Nothing draws attention to your wedding cake like an awesome cake topper, and it's a great way to make a statement about yourselves. Take a look at these adorable, amusing, and audacious cake toppers, you'll never think about wedding cakes the same way again! Kitty Cake Topper by Helyn If you have seen any great toppers, we'd love to hear about them! Please let us know in the comment section below. * I love the vintage vibe of this one, including the sweet verse printed on the … [Read more...]

Wedding Traditions with a Twist

Tradition is a wonderful thing, but there's nothing wrong with having a little fun at the same time! Here are some great ideas for keeping wedding customs fresh! * * * * * * * * All photos from Martha Stewart Wedding Twist on Something Old: Here's a great idea! An heirloom brooch takes on a new life when you attach it to a wide piece of ribbon and wearing it as a cuff!  (Brooch, General Whimsy) Twist on Something New: Not everything needs to be tangible. … [Read more...]

A Day at the Wedding Carnival

Ah weddings! Laughter and tears, solemn speeches and riotous jokes. A wedding should be many things, but if fun is one of your top priorities, take a cue from these carnival weddings and get yourself a jumping castle, a Ferris wheel, some games, hot dogs, and soft drinks, and open the carnival gates! Below is an amazing wedding via the Utah Bride Blog (click for more gorgeous pictures and ideas), with photography by Andrea Hanks. These ultra-fun wedding pictures come from Manolo for … [Read more...]

Wedding Registry Do’s and Dont’s

You've got that registry gun thingy ready to go! Because when will you get another chance to walk into a department store and indulge your every whim without worrying about the price? But more than just the ultimate shopping trip, setting up a registry is an efficient way to let guests know what kind of gift you actually want. A registry also keeps track of who bought what and reduces the chance of receiving those hideous pieces that you can't imagine anyone would want! Even if you already … [Read more...]

A Truly Memorable Wedding Experience

What makes a wedding truly memorable? Is it the food, the music, the atmosphere? Is it the good times had with family and friends? When you look back at your own wedding, what do you want people to remember the most? I came across a blog post called "Power of Purchases" at 59 Seconds that got me thinking about creating a wedding people will always remember. Here's what he has to say: Psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich examined whether increased happiness is associated more … [Read more...]

Wedding Reception Ice Breakers

Let's just say a coworker is getting married. After the ceremony, you pick up your place card and find the table, take a seat and look at the other wedding guests sitting around you. If you're lucky, you've been seated with people you know, maybe even a friend or two. But it so happens that this time you don't know the person sitting next to you, so you politely introduce yourself, ask them how they know the bride and groom, and when conversation runs out you turn delicately to your salad. Maybe … [Read more...]

Create a Wedding Guest Photo Booth

When your wedding is over, you're left with lots of cake, gifts, memories, and-- perhaps most important of all-- photos of your special day! There will be a great many pictures of the bride, the groom, and the wedding party... but wouldn't it be great to have formal-- or not-so-formal-- photos of each and every guest and family member as well? photo here via Your Best Wedding Enter the photo booth!! It's a little station you set up to entice your guests to pose for their very own photo … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Date Ideas

You don't have to be dating to go on dates. Spending quality time together as an engaged or married couple is important to maintain a healthy relationship. Just because money's tight doesn't mean you can't go out for a night on the town... or spend the weekend doing something new and fun. So get out of your pj's and check out these budget-friendly date ideas from Marie Claire. 1. Rent bikes and go for a ride in the park or by the beach. Pack a picnic lunch or grab hotdogs at a nearby … [Read more...]

Are you having enough fun??

"Couples who play together stay together," says Gail Saltz, MD at iVillage. She talks about a new study from the University of Denver, showing that couples who have more fun time together also report more marital satisfaction and good feelings about their partner. Now this probably seems obvious to you, but the ironic part is that so many couples are working very hard to be able to afford some fun... and yet they don't make any time to actually do that. Another recent study found that couples … [Read more...]