Wedding Cake Toppers with Personality!

Nothing draws attention to your wedding cake like an awesome cake topper, and it's a great way to make a statement about yourselves. Take a look at these adorable, amusing, and audacious cake toppers, you'll never think about wedding cakes the same way again! Kitty Cake Topper by Helyn If you have seen any great toppers, we'd love to hear about them! Please let us know in the comment section below. * I love the vintage vibe of this one, including the sweet verse printed on the … [Read more...]

Your wedding: “Wear This, Not That”

Some people don't really get the idea of a laid-back wedding, and when instructed to dress casually, still arrive in suits, ties, and formal dresses. Offbeat Bride Mari had a great idea for her wedding which she says, "Fee free to steal." So we'll take her literally and repost the adorable little pamphlet that she emailed the guests to help everyone with packing. feature image credits: Gown, sundress … [Read more...]

Pretty, Personalized Wedding Aisle Runners

Although it may only take a few minutes to reach the alter (or chuppah, etc!), those steps down the aisle are truly a walk to remember. Add a touch of glamor to these special moments by incorporating a personalized wedding aisle runner.  They look equally elegant in creating a walk way for your outdoor wedding or as a special touch to your indoor ceremony. Here's a little interesting history about aisle runners (thanks to the Knot)!  Once upon a time, when roads were unpaved, wedding guests … [Read more...]

Candy Colors for Summer Weddings

Black will never go out of style, but it's hard to be dark and somber in the middle of the sun-shiny summer! So instead of pairing bright colors with black, navy, or burgundy, try bright candy colors like tangerine, lime, and yellow paired with white or another light-colored neutral. * feature image: bridesmaids and candy * A white gown is the perfect summer choice, but add pizzaz with an eye-catching sash (David's Bridal): But, don't let your dress steal the show! Even your … [Read more...]

Wedding Signing Scrolls in lieu of a Guest Book

You might not have heard of a Signing Scroll, but after you take a look at these gorgeous pictures you might find that you want one as badly as I do... and i got married six years ago! Elizabeth Danae of I Dream of Letters explains what they are: "For those who may be unfamiliar with signing scrolls, these are designed to take the place of a standard guest book at a wedding, and many times, vows can be incorporated with them, much like a Quaker Wedding Certificate. I custom create to the … [Read more...]

Calligraphic Maps Add Flair to Your Wedding

In today's digital age, there's nothing like a touch of handwriting to turn the mundane into something unique and personal. For those who have the means, handwritten calligraphy makes eye candy out of everything, from envelopes to place cards. One special way to employ your calligrapher is to have him/her draw a map for those hard-to-find locations or destination weddings. Maps can be used as save-the-date cards, included in the invitation suite, or inserted in the welcome baskets at your … [Read more...]

Glamorous Updos for the Bride

Upswept hair styles have long been favored among brides for their elegance, versatility, and ease. This style is low-maintenance and best reveals the bride's face, jewelry, and dress. Your wedding-day hairstyle should flatter your face and also be in keeping with your overall look. A sleek, sculpted updo is more formal; a soft upsweep with a few loose tendrils is more romantic. Have a good time playing around with hairdo's, either at home or with a stylist. Bring pictures of styles you … [Read more...]

Unique & Fun Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You have many things on your mind while planning a wedding, but don't forget to say thank you to the bridesmaids who have stood by your side through it all! A small (or large!) bridesmaid gift will let her know how much you appreciate all her loving help and support. Choose something special that she will treasure throughout her life. It doesn't have to be expensive, just something thoughtful that you think she'll like. It's best to buy the same gift for everyone, but you can personalize it … [Read more...]

Wedding Traditions with a Twist

Tradition is a wonderful thing, but there's nothing wrong with having a little fun at the same time! Here are some great ideas for keeping wedding customs fresh! * * * * * * * * All photos from Martha Stewart Wedding Twist on Something Old: Here's a great idea! An heirloom brooch takes on a new life when you attach it to a wide piece of ribbon and wearing it as a cuff!  (Brooch, General Whimsy) Twist on Something New: Not everything needs to be tangible. … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty: Banish Chapped Lips

If you've been laying on the lip balm in an effort to achieve smooth, sexy lips, you might be doing just the opposite! With the weather cold and dry, you don't want to suffer from cracked, peeling skin anywhere, especially on your mouth. The pretty pink lip gloss you picked out for your wedding day isn't going to look so hot on top of all that dry skin! So what can you do to prevent or heal it? Don't lick your chapped lips. It's tempting, but don't do it. Your saliva contains digestive … [Read more...]