Wedding Dress Inspiration from Past Era’s

The rage today in wedding fashion is all about asserting your own style. But in doing so, many brides are finding inspiration in the page of yesterday's fashion magazines. As you may have noticed, terms like "classic" and "vintage" are hot in everything wedding-related. So when it comes to your wedding gown, taking a look back in time is a good place to start. Are you a fun-loving flapper from the 20's or an elegant lady of the 50's? Take a look at these gowns, each one reminiscent of one of … [Read more...]

Winter Wedding Gowns with Cover-up’s

Winter wedding dressing is all about layering. A gown that comes with a removable jacket, wrap, or cape will keep you cozy for your romantic outdoor portraits in the snow, which you can lay aside for your indoor reception. Fur, velvet, and silver detailing are all hot extras this winter season! A gown with sleeves is another cold-weather option. Sleeves are in, and a perfect way to protect yourself against the chill. More winter fashion perks include heavier fabrics such as luxurious silk … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Understated Wedding Gowns

No flowers, bows, or ruffles. No crystals, sequins, embroidery, or lace. Whether your style is simple and elegant or modern and edgy, it's your wedding and that's the way it's going to be. Luckily for you there are plenty of lovely wedding gowns for your taste, amid this season's dizzying array of florals, flounces, beads and bows! The drape of the fabric and your own poise will speak for themselves. Here are some absolutely lovely, understated wedding gowns for 2011. * * * All … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Short and Sassy!

Short wedding dresses are not just for summer anymore! These wedding gowns may have less fabric, but there's no shortage of attention when it comes to the designers this season, and they are loving this style! You'll love it too if you want something that stands out from the traditional bridal gown. From daring minis to demure tea-length dresses, there are lots of gorgeous dresses to choose from this season! Ruffles, flowers, feathers, teirs, pleats, and bows are just some of the pretty … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Feel like a Princess!

There's nothing like a flaring A-line or a sweeping ballgown to make you feel like a princess. Your wedding day may just be the only time you can get away with a fairytale dress like this, so if cinched waists and rustling petticoats are what you pine for, here are some gorgeous new dresses you'll love for 2011! * * * * All photos from Martha Stewart Weddings. Priscilla of Boston, Spring 2011, Photograph by firstVIEW. Amsale, Spring 2011, … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Stunning Sheaths for Fall

Designers are coming out with some truly gorgeous bridal gowns this season, and the sheath seems to be a favorite among many. The shapely silhouette is elegant and timeless, and the gentle curves are flattering to just about about every woman.  But if you're looking for something daring and edgy, this is the style for you too- just try it in a clingy fabric with a plunging neckline! A sheath is anything but simple! These amazing gowns come strapless and with sleeves, in silk and lace, … [Read more...]

Fall 2010 Wedding Fashion: Gowns with Sleeves

Wedding gowns come in myriad shapes, styles, and silhouettes, lots of interesting materials and embellishments, but there's one thing they often have in common. More often than not they're strapless, and that does get tedious! That's why I'm loving these new fall fashions with sleeves! Long sleeves, cap sleeves, sheer sleeves, lace sleeves... sleeves, glorious sleeves!  Not only are they pretty, but they're great for the blushing bride who wants to cover up a bit, or the bride who just … [Read more...]

Autumn Wedding Trimmings: Sequins!

Something about an autumn wedding makes me think about warm, vibrant colors and a little bit of sparkle. That's why I love the idea of using sequins as part of your wedding decor- they're inexpensive, easy to apply, and look charming on just about everything! sequin pump: Unbeatable Sale, hair accessory: I am Fashion, Sequin Clutch Bag: Glitzy-n-Glamorous Dresses, Shoes, & Accessories: On clothing, a little bit of sequin goes a long way! Personally, I don't think many women can pull off … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Details

It's heating up outside as we get into the full swing of summer, but I'm sure that brides planning a winter wedding are finding it hard to focus on beach themes and warm weather attire. So if you've got a special day coming up in about 6 months' time, here's a sweet little blog to put you in the wintery mood. It's called, fittingly, little winter bride. It's short on text, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and each post features a photo that's sure to intrigue and inspire. Here are … [Read more...]

White, with a Splash of Color

Although colored wedding gowns are one of today's popular bridal trends, there is something special about wearing an all-white wedding dress (by "white" I am of course including shades of white too, like cream and ivory).  But if you are thinking "white equals boring," think again! It can be anything but dull, especially when you throw in dashes of color in charming, sometimes unexpected places! Shoes Colored shoes peeping out from below are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to add color … [Read more...]