Must-Read Tips for Staying within your Wedding Budget

The most daunting part about planing a wedding, perhaps, is figuring out how to get the wedding you want within the budget you set forth. That’s why a little financial planning will take you a long way to keeping you out of debt.

Talk about money: Sit down with your fiance and go through your bank statements, pay stubs, bills, and other financial records. Discuss how much each of you can afford to put toward the wedding.

Write it down: You might think this goes without saying, but some brides just never get around to doing it. Put everything down on paper.  If you find that one area (wedding dress, let’s say) turns out to be more than you planned on, you have two choices: find something cheaper, or readjust your spending in other areas (such as toning down the flower arrangements or limiting the alcohol.)

Save wherever you can: Here are a few suggestions: Skip the popcorn at the theater, and spend time watching a movie at home and cuddling with your fiance. Cook dinner together instead of going out to your favorite restaurant. Make a commitment to put 10 percent of every paycheck into your wedding fund. A few small changes here and there can add up!

Talk to your parents: Although most couples are now paying for more of the wedding costs that they did in the past, often parents are more than happy to contribute. Find out how much they can afford to invest in your big day.

Prioritize: Once you know how much money is at your disposal, rank the importance of each wedding expense. The more imporant things get a larger chunk of the pie.

Get a wedding planner: Although a consultant might charge as much as 10 percent of your wedding budget, he or she could keep you from going over budget and into debt.  Let your wedding planner know how much you can spend, what your priorities are, and give her a realistic picture of the wedding you hope to have.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Weddings are expensive, and you may not have the fairy tale affair you once dreamed of.  That’s OK. Trends and styles come and go, but you’ll always have the photos, dried flowers, and memories– and those are priceless.

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