Distinctive Boutonnieres for the Boys!

Nothing like a splash of color on the lapel to dress up on otherwise black-and-white affair! Whatever the color or style of your men's suits, a boutonniere is an eye-catching and attractive addition. Here are some ideas that are both formal and fun! Fresh flowers, ribbon, fabric, crepe paper, berries, herbs, acorns... this little ornament provides a great little outlet for your creative abilities! * All photos compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings * * Dahlia + Polka dot tie = … [Read more...]

Grooming the Groom

With all the attention paid to the bride's attire, hair, makeup, and accessories, you might forget that someone else is sharing the spotlight, too. Don't let the groom look anything less than perfect himself! Here are some expert styling tips from InStyle Wedding, to help the groom look his best! Formal Shirt: A formal button-front shirt should be white or cream. No ruffles! Jacket: Single-breasted, single-button jackets are timeless for a good reason—they'll make his his waist look trim … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride: Best Dressed!

Of course, no one should overshadow the bride on her wedding day, but everybody wants to look good at a wedding, especially the mother of the bride and groom! Here are some beautiful options for your mother, whether she is young and stylish or, hmm, just young at heart! There are many mother-of-the-bride styles to choose from, so take a look and see if one of our picks would work for your mom! Here we go... Long & Lovely For the elegant mom with a flair for drama! Montage … [Read more...]

Groom Style: Classic & Colorful

So much attention is paid to the bridal gown, that we think it's time we give some attention to the guy’s attire. That's what Geoff White states on his Photography blog, and we agree with him!  This amazing San Francisco wedding photographer is a big fan of khaki suits for outdoor weddings, and also loves seeing a suit personalized with a cool tie. These grooms prove that you can be classy yet colorful at the same time. Cool and confident, in a sharp, well-cut suit, bright tie and … [Read more...]