Wedding footwear: Sexy AND Ethical!

Locally grown flowers, vegan meals, and wearing your grandmother’s wedding gown… it’s all part and parcel of the green wedding trend. But if you really want to go the full mile, tread carefully… in ethical wedding footwear, that is! If you (like me) have never heard of such a thing, it goes something like this, according to wishpot weding blog (she got her own ethical wedding shoes from Beyond Skin):

As well as making gorgeous shoes coveted by the likes of Natalie Portman, Beyond Skin’s philosophy is to ‘…trade in a manner that is non exploitative to humans, animals and wherever possible the wider environment. Using no animal products, all our footwear is hand-made to order in the UK promoting ethically-sound and less energy intensive working practices.’

Ok, so it seems that the UK has a monopoly on ethical shoewear, and the 10 shoes pictured at the Wishopt blog are actually all from the UK. Does anyone know where you can obtain shoes in the USA that meet these standards? And look this pretty?

Some use recycled rubber for the soles, or recycled vintage fabrics and trimmings. Others are produced under a Fair Trade agreement and are careful to use less energy intensive working practices. And of course, no leather, unless it’s recycled!