Must Have: Wedding Day Checklist

You’ve reached the final countdown and things are falling into place! But sometimes it’s the little things brides tend to forget that cause the biggest disasters. Use this wedding day checklist from to get organized and save yourself some headache on the big day itself!


Hairstyle and makeup artists help put your wedding day look together, but you need to do your part too! If you pack the essentials, you won’t get caught with streaky foundation from your tears of joy.

  • Face powder or foundation
  • lip balm or lipstick
  • blush
  • waterproof mascara
  • mirror compact

For your hair:

  • pack bobby pins
  • a brush and comb
  • hair spray/mousse to keep your style intact
  • blow-dryer
  • flat iron/curling iron

Stay happy, serene, and fresh all day:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • breath mints
  • deodorant
  • perfume
  • medications or pain relievers


I don’t think you’ll forget your wedding dress or veil, but we’ll add them to the list… just in case!

  • wedding dress
  • veil
  • shoes
  • undergarments
  • jewelry
  • tiara/hair accessories
  • a small purse
  • handkerchief for tearful moments
  • button-front shirt for getting ready
  • stockings
  • shoulder wrap
  • garter

Attention traditionalists: Don’t forget something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!


Check with your vendors and wedding planner, if you have one, to find out what you need to bring with you. Some things, like a cake knife or champagne flutes will most likely be taken care of, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not left without them!

  • wedding rings
  • marriage license
  • cash, credit cards
  • a few blank checks
  • unity candle
  • kiddush cup and wine
  • chuppah
  • vow and toast speeches
  • champagne flutes
  • cake knife
  • guest book and pen

It is a good idea to bring along a master contact sheet with numbers and names of all your vendors and VIP people, such as:

  • officiant
  • parents
  • bridesmaids
  • groomsmen
  • wedding planner
  • photographer/videographer
  • caterer
  • transportation services
  • florist
  • bar tender

Make sure a few other people in your wedding party have a copy just in case of an emergency.


With all the preparation for the ceremony and reception, it’s easy to forget about pre-wedding and post-ceremony activities. If you need to pack for an entire weekend, don’t forget:

  • an outfit for the rehearsal dinner
  • an outfit for the day of your wedding
  • an outfit for brunch the next morning
  • wedding night lingerie
  • gifts for the wedding party and parents

If you are leaving for your honeymoon the next morning, create a checklist dedicated solely to packing for your honeymoon. This way you’ll be able to easily transfer items to your vacation luggage at the last minute.


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