Top 5 Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

Only 55 percent of weddings are considered 'traditional,' according to the Bridal Association of America. Couples today are clearly moving toward having less conventional wedding themes, says Mary Ellen Campisi, associate art director at Vistaprint. photo credit: My Wedding Dream via Bunches of Bliss Vistaprint identified five top wedding trends for Spring 2011 by looking at a series of variables, including theme and color trend research in Europe and North America, Vistaprint's top … [Read more...]

Green Wedding Trends: Reuse, Recycle, Recreate!

One of today's greatest trends is recycling. The amazing and beautiful things that people create from old, cast-off items is astounding! From bottles and cans to old doors and windows, there are tons of ways to turn someone else's junk into your treasure! image: Message in a bottle Here's a super cute table number idea that was inspired by a restaurant that had something like it on their tables.  All you  need are some tin cans, paint, and a drill... Aren't they cute? Inexpensive, … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Wedding Flowers by Color

If you've already picked your wedding colors, you may be wondering what type of flowers will match your theme colors. It's a good idea to do some of your own research before you visit the florist, this way you can compare prices in advance, and find out what some other options are if the flowers you like are unavailable, out of season, our beyond your budget. For a gorgeous array of photos depicting bridal bouquets in every shade of the rainbow, Martha Stewart Weddings has a gorgeous gallery! … [Read more...]

Ethical Jewelry: Know what you’re buying

If you are headed toward an engagement, or are engaged already but still looking for the right ring or other bridal jewelry, there are other things to think about aside from style, price, and size of the rock!  Whether your personal values have led you to follow a more environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle, or you just want to do your part in making the world a better place, consider buying an "ethical" - not just beautiful - engagement ring. It’s amazing, points out Katherine … [Read more...]

5 New Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond rings are always in style. The settings might change from season to season, but the current trends are simply new takes on an old theme. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, ornate or simple, these 5 trends will provide inspiration for everyone. After all, diamonds are forever... and diamonds are a girls best friend... so choose wisely! Shown: Tacori Vintage Engagement Rings Old Stones and antique settings prove that old is new again! Shown: Doyle & Doyle $2,950; … [Read more...]

Going green: Tree-free wedding invitations

At Green Field Paper, it's all about style and environmental responsibility. They offer a beautiful array of wedding invitations, using both handmade paper and machine made hemp paper. Or, if you're into the celebrity wedding trends you can follow the likes of Alicia Silverstone and husband Christopher Jarecki, who sent out invites printed on Green Field Paper's famous 100% recycled paper embedded with seeds. Once the wedding took place, guests could plant the paper and add a little more … [Read more...]

Wedding footwear: Sexy AND Ethical!

Locally grown flowers, vegan meals, and wearing your grandmother's wedding gown... it's all part and parcel of the green wedding trend. But if you really want to go the full mile, tread carefully... in ethical wedding footwear, that is! If you (like me) have never heard of such a thing, it goes something like this, according to wishpot weding blog (she got her own ethical wedding shoes from Beyond Skin): As well as making gorgeous shoes coveted by the likes of Natalie Portman, Beyond Skin’s … [Read more...]

Autumn Wedding Part II: Gowns and Accessories

Autumn's colors and glowing and vibrant, and the fall bride should be glowing and vibrant too! Winter will be here soon enough, so forget the snowy white, virginal look for now, and mix in some glorious fall color! Passionate reds, flaming yellow, mossy greens and earthy browns, sparkling with glints of gold and copper. Gold: If you want subtle color in the place of white or ivory, consider a gold toned gown... or simply add a golden sash to warm up a traditional white dress. Add antique gold … [Read more...]

The pefect wedding gown: Green and Gorgeous!

Style Me Pretty has a couple entries on eco-friendly wedding dresses. Surprisingly, these are not the roughly-woven, roomy hemp affairs you may be thinking of.  These gowns by Morgan Boszilkov are handcrafted using sustainable fabrics and environmentally responsible business practices, and gives five percent of the proceeds to environmental causes. Not only that, but her gowns are stylish, elegant, and daringly different: Another favorite eco-chic designer is Deborah Lindquist, who mixes … [Read more...]