From paper to person: Evolution of a designer wedding dress has a sweet new feature (brought to my attention by Manolo) called Sketch to Dress, where wedding gown designers’ sketches and the end result of their work are posted side by side. Never teh Bride asks, “Do you ever find that the finished product is disappointing when compared to the sketch?” I personally think many of the dresses look better in the designer’s head (transfered to paper) than the actual dress looks after it’s made. But that is always the challenge of the artist: getting the finished product to look as good as it does in the artist’s imagination!

For example,this dress looks simple but elegant in the drawing, but the actual dress that the model is wearing just doesn’t have the same charm:

This interesting sketch has potential to be a beautiful dress, but they turned it into something quite awful!!

This one, in my opinion, looks like an almost exact reproduction of the drawing. If the shoulder ruffle was a little flouncier, it would be just about perfect!

Here’s one dress looks SO much better on the model!

As does this one… but doen’t take much to look better than that *bridezilla* sketch!


  1. wow i love those designs.

  2. jaynelyn says:

    can I contribute to draw some of my sketch about gowns…I really love it…