Calming Wedding Morning Breakfast

You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- but did you know that eating certain foods can actually help you relax? Unless you are just too jittery to eat, or have the Jewish custom to fast on your wedding day, you can treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a simple brunch that will keep everyone calm, cool, and well-fed. * * * * With this in mind, a perfect wedding day breakfast would include some of the following good-for-you foods: Blueberries … [Read more...]

Beware! 13 Bridal Beauty Pitfalls

The Knot polled hundreds of wedding beauty experts for their top tips for brides who want to put their best face forward. Some of them you may have heard already... and some may surprise you! Here they are! 1. Don't drink wine or eat dark-colored foods like berries. You should avoid foods that can tint your pearly whites, or you may end up with a stained smile. For really dazzling teeth, invest in a professional teeth-whitening service, or do-it-yourself with Crest Whitestrips. "Start any … [Read more...]

A “Something Blue” Tatoo

For the bride who likes to be traditional in a nontraditional way, a temporary bridal tattoo in blue ink is certainly a unique way to incorporate "something blue." I Do Tattoo offers a modern twist on the timeless tradition of wearing “Something Blue." Gone are the days of the tired old garter. Now there’s a fresh new alternative for today’s savvy bride. It’s unique. It’s innovative. And it’s personal. There are 8 exclusive tattoo designs to choose from, and you will receive 2 tattoos... one … [Read more...]

Tribute to your Mom

I think most people will agree that Mothers don't the the appreciation they deserve. Walter Kaner's Mother's Day Tribute is called "Wish She Were Here" and is a poignant reminder not to take Mom for granted, a reminder to express our love and gratitude to the one who gave us life, to say "thank you" while she's still around... because one day, she'll be gone. On Mother's Day, we have a unique opportunity to express our love and appreciation for this special woman. You wedding day-- which will … [Read more...]

Must Have: Wedding Day Checklist

You've reached the final countdown and things are falling into place! But sometimes it's the little things brides tend to forget that cause the biggest disasters. Use this wedding day checklist from to get organized and save yourself some headache on the big day itself! HAIR AND MAKEUP Hairstyle and makeup artists help put your wedding day look together, but you need to do your part too! If you pack the essentials, you won't get caught with streaky foundation from your tears of … [Read more...]