Bridal shower and Movie Night, all rolled into one!

Friends of ThatBride threw her a bridal shower with a twist. Sure they had gifts, a fuzzy pink princess crown, (not to mention three awesome looking trifles) and then… a movie! Ok, so they only got 1/3 of the way through “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” but I think that is such a great idea. Movie nights are always fun, and if you want to shake off some of that wedding-planning stress, what better way to relax and enjoy the evening?

As the bride-to-be points out, “I think most brides will agree that bridal showers are kind of overwhelming. So many people gathering around you, absolutely drenching you with love and care, and no groom in sight to help you take it all in. This was absolutely the experience I was able to savor this week, and I hope each of you are able to enjoy the same.”

Of course being center of attention is all part of the fun, but I think it would be a welcome change of pace to kick back with your good friends and watch a fun movie together. Preferably, something about weddings! Just to get everyone in the mood, you know…

Another good idea to facilitate that cozy girl bonding:

“After everyone had enjoyed a little trifle treat, we all sat down in a circle. I turned to each person and spoke of a memory I had of them and why they meant something to me. My mom had suggested the idea of doing this, and it made me really nervous because I wasn’t sure who was coming and I didn’t know what I would say. There were a few people that I feel like I stumbled over a little bit, but for remarks made up right then and there I think it turned out to be just what we wanted it to be. It’s not something you could do with just any group of people, but I lived in the same tiny town my entire life, and so most of those present were people I had known since I was in diapers.”


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