Wedding Theme: Asian Inspiration

Fusing Asian tradition with Western weddings is a popular, growing trend. Asia is known as a place of multiple cultures, adventure, and mystique, with a history dating back thousands of years. Tying Asian elements into your wedding will add layers of richness and significance as you connect to your heritage.  In Chinese culture, red signifies good luck and is widely used in auspicious events, and gold accents further signify prosperity.

If you want to celebrate your heritage and showcase the beauty of Asian cultures, it can be featured in a wedding that reflects your personal tastes, whether it’s more trendy, classic, or a mixture of both! Incorporate elements like cherry blossoms, brocade, saki cups, and chopsticks, all embellished with Japanese calligraphy or Chinese characters.

The photos above come from Manolo for the Brides. The decor is from Social Couture, but MftB points out that the look can be easily and inexpensively replicated with accessories from the craft store, eBay, the Oriental Trading Company, and Amazon. These favors below are from the Oriental Trading Company:

American Bridal also has a selection of Asian-styled favors such as these, for something a little more upscale:

Paper lanterns, like these pictured at MftB and Paper Lantern Store, add a delicate, colorful touch:

The Paper Lantern Store also sells hand fans and parasols in a variety of colors and patterns. How pretty your bridal party will look in pictures, carrying these lovely accessories! Here are a few of their parasols:

And here are some of their pretty fans (in all colors to match your wedding!):

To put the perfect finishing touch on your Asian styled wedding, you’ll need a cake adorned with cherry blossoms, of course!