Calming Wedding Morning Breakfast

You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- but did you know that eating certain foods can actually help you relax? Unless you are just too jittery to eat, or have the Jewish custom to fast on your wedding day, you can treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a simple brunch that will keep everyone calm, cool, and well-fed. * * * * With this in mind, a perfect wedding day breakfast would include some of the following good-for-you foods: Blueberries … [Read more...]

Affordable Ways to De-stress

We don't need to tell YOU how stressful planning a wedding can be.  If you are feeling, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched beyond your budget, you may be wondering how to loosen up without spending even more money.  A deep-tissue massage at the spa or dinner and a movie with your girlfriends might do the trick, but it will cost you! Here are some ideas from AllHealthcare, via Four White Mice to help you relax with an easy conscience. It's good for you and your relationships, too! feature … [Read more...]

The Rehearsal Dinner: All you need to know

Your wedding celebrations actually begin the day before the wedding, with the rehearsal dinner.  It is often the first opportunity for family members and guests to meet and get to know each other.  Like a calm before the storm, says egala, it’s usually relaxed and intimate, allowing the bride and groom to unwind with those near and dear before the whirlwind of the main event. Traditionally, the groom’s parents host and pay for the rehearsal dinner.  Nowadays, however, planning and hosting … [Read more...]

Bridal shower and Movie Night, all rolled into one!

Friends of ThatBride threw her a bridal shower with a twist. Sure they had gifts, a fuzzy pink princess crown, (not to mention three awesome looking trifles) and then... a movie! Ok, so they only got 1/3 of the way through "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," but I think that is such a great idea. Movie nights are always fun, and if you want to shake off some of that wedding-planning stress, what better way to relax and enjoy the evening? As the bride-to-be points out, "I think most brides will agree … [Read more...]