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Another reason to go to College…

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2006, the more education someone has (and thus the higher their income), the more likely they are to marry. Factors that seem to influence this trend include: - Higher income and more stability enforce the marriage. - Personality traits that help one succeed in college also help a person stay in a long-term marriage. - Educated people understand the benefits of marriage for children and family life. However many people still see marriage as … [Read more...]

Wedding Gown designers: A return to Innocence

Whether it's finding the right style to flatter your figure, religious preferences, or the persuit of a vintage look, strapless wedding gowns are taking a back seat these days.  "The love affair with gowns baring shoulders, bosoms and backs may be cooling down," announces this article on I guess the trend is reversing... seems that for a while it was all about shock-value, and how much people could get away with baring. So now modesty's the new thing. How refreshingly … [Read more...]

The bride wore Target

According to this article, Isaac Mizrahi and Target will launch an affordable bridal collection, offering a variety of styles, all for less than $160.  Now all I have to say about that is, it's about time! We get everything else at Target, why stop at wedding gowns?? FYI, you can even get your engagement ring at Target. Check it out... … [Read more...]

Groom, stay out of it

A conversation I had with a friend of mine who got married a few months ago... I will leave out her name so as not to endanger her marriage. Her: I'm working on centerpieces for my wedding and trying not to yell at the dude i'm planning to marry. I don't know why he thinks he's entitled to an opinion. me: He's really not Her: Right - I'm thinking hot pink roses mixed with soft pink roses for centerpieces Me: So what does he want? Her: He thinks it's too much pink... So i said, … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning, Sheep, & Liver

I think this article by Mia Freedman has a point: Here comes the sheep, I mean the bride. Because, honestly, all weddings are the same. Predictable and the same. Unless you do something wacko, such as exchanging vows underwater or in the mosh pit at the Big Day Out, your wedding will probably include a white frock, a lengthy photo session, champagne and speeches.That's why it's so amusing to watch each and every bride obsess for months, and occasionally years, over the most inane (and … [Read more...]