Groom, stay out of it

A conversation I had with a friend of mine who got married a few months ago… I will leave out her name so as not to endanger her marriage.

Her: I’m working on centerpieces for my wedding and trying not to yell at the dude i’m planning to marry. I don’t know why he thinks he’s entitled to an opinion.

me: He’s really not

Her: Right – I’m thinking hot pink roses mixed with soft pink roses for centerpieces

Me: So what does he want?

Her: He thinks it’s too much pink… So i said, “It won’t be too much pink if i shove them all up your ARSE.”

Me: That was diplomatic.

Her: I didn’t really say that.  I think I’m just going to have urinals at the men’s tables.

Right. Does the groom really need to be involved in the wedding planning details?


  1. Guy Married20Years says:

    Outside the guest list and not allowing the bride to demand teal-colored tuxedos (guys should wear colors that draw no attention to anyone other than the gals they’re with), I think if her family is willing to pay for it, he should be quiet.

    I was lucky. I was living in Los Angeles and engaged to a woman living in New York City. My responsibility was basically to make sure I made my flight and got to the ceremony on time. I highly recommend this.

    A groom could win a $10 million Super Lotto ticket and if his bride isn’t happy, he won’t be, either.

    I have a question for your gal-pal, though. Is there any arena in her future married life where she will accept not having an opinion? Or quietly acting out passive-aggressively if she disagrees?