Wedding Planning, Sheep, & Liver

I think this article by Mia Freedman has a point:

Here comes the sheep, I mean the bride. Because, honestly, all weddings are the same. Predictable and the same. Unless you do something wacko, such as exchanging vows underwater or in the mosh pit at the Big Day Out, your wedding will probably include a white frock, a lengthy photo session, champagne and speeches.That’s why it’s so amusing to watch each and every bride obsess for months, and occasionally years, over the most inane (and insane) details. Without fail, these details are utterly lost on 98 per cent of the wedding guests. The 2 per cent who do notice are the bride and her mother.

An exit poll conducted outside any wedding would confirm this. “Excuse me, sir, could you describe the invitation to this wedding?” Um. “Was the paper vanilla, beige or biscuit?” Um. “What about the napkins? Folded in the shape of a fan or a boat?” “Can you describe the shoes worn by the bridesmaids? Did the bride have her hair up or down? Can you name two of the three vegetables served with the main course? The music for the bridal waltz was … ? Sir? Sir? OK, let’s try this: can you name the bride and groom?”

Read the complete article here.  Not that I think there is anything wrong with a traditional wedding, white gown, and lenghtly photo shoot (I rather enjoyed that part.) However, I DO think many aspects of the wedding that people agonize over are inconsequential, and worse, a total waste of money. Give some cash to an orphanage and cut out the liver-and-pear-pastry course. In my opinion, something as controversial as liver should never be served at a wedding. Even pears and syrup cannot make chunks of liver palatable. But that’s another story.

Personally, my mom organized most of my wedding, and I didn’t care much about the color of the invitations or  what the center-pieces looked like.  Honestly, I was a rather self-centered bride. What are the guests going to eat? Who cares. Will there be enough chairs at the ceremony? Let ‘em stand. Party favors? Why waste money. Yup, one very self-centered bride, that was me. The only thing I really cared about was my dress. My hair. My veil. But then again, the wedding day IS all about the bride… Isn’t it?