Wedding Gown designers: A return to Innocence

Whether it’s finding the right style to flatter your figure, religious preferences, or the persuit of a vintage look, strapless wedding gowns are taking a back seat these days.  “The love affair with gowns baring shoulders, bosoms and backs may be cooling down,” announces this article on

I guess the trend is reversing… seems that for a while it was all about shock-value, and how much people could get away with baring. So now modesty’s the new thing. How refreshingly different.

Today’s designers are all about classic, demure, 18th-century-inspired gowns, featuring details like detachable straps, higher necklines, cap and long sleeves, even jackets. (And you can keep wearing the jacket long after the wedding is over!) One bridal salon even features gowns they call “Temple-ready.”

Personally, I like these new designs, and the sentiment behind them. What do you think?