A “Something Blue” Tatoo

For the bride who likes to be traditional in a nontraditional way, a temporary bridal tattoo in blue ink is certainly a unique way to incorporate “something blue.”

I Do Tattoo offers a modern twist on the timeless tradition of wearing “Something Blue.” Gone are the days of the tired old garter. Now there’s a fresh new alternative for today’s savvy bride. It’s unique. It’s innovative. And it’s personal.

There are 8 exclusive tattoo designs to choose from, and you will receive 2 tattoos… one to use as practice, and one for your wedding day. The tattoo is easy to apply and just as easy to remove. It arrives in an elegant blue folio, adorned with a blue satin ribbon and sparkling crystal brooch.  This makes an excellent keepsake to place your wedding photo or invitation. The cost is only $36.00!