Distinctive Boutonnieres for the Boys!

Nothing like a splash of color on the lapel to dress up on otherwise black-and-white affair! Whatever the color or style of your men's suits, a boutonniere is an eye-catching and attractive addition. Here are some ideas that are both formal and fun! Fresh flowers, ribbon, fabric, crepe paper, berries, herbs, acorns... this little ornament provides a great little outlet for your creative abilities! * All photos compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings * * Dahlia + Polka dot tie = … [Read more...]

10 Innovative Gift Ideas for your Groomsmen (Father-of-the-Bride & Gooms too!)

We all know it's hard to find cool, meaningful, useful gifts for the guys in your life. Ties and watches are always nice, but how many does a guy need, already? If you're looking for a gift for the man-who's-hard-to-please, or the guy-who's-got-everything, we have an amazing array of gift ideas from AmericanBridal for you! * * 1. Personalized MP3 Cooler Bag For the man who likes to celebrate outdoors, this brilliant bag is, quite simply, a portable party! Snacks and music go, great if … [Read more...]

Grooms, Have More Fun!

Of course, we all know it's all about the bride. But ya gotta feel sorry for the poor groom who also likes dressing to make a statement. Well, pity no more! On the day that you want to remember forever, Franklin + Gower is ready to dress the groom in clothes that bring color, humor, and life to every occasion. Franklin + Gower is based in my hometown of L.A. (the label takes its name from the notable intersection with a prime view of the Hollywood sign) but you can call for an appointment, … [Read more...]

5 Trends for the Trendy Groomsmen

1. So long, bow tie Today's stylish groomsman are wearing tuxedos with long ties, and with vests instead of cummerbunds. "More and more grooms are ordering cravat [long] ties, non-pleated shirts, and three-button jackets, which is a more modern option," says Brian Regenstreich, manager of Zeller Tuxedos in New York. 2. Beyond the Tux For a casual affair, it's OK to dress the guys in blazers, and match something in their outfits (a pocket square, a tie, a belt, their socks!) with the overall … [Read more...]

Choosing your Groomsmen

Picking favorites is always a touchy thing, so when choosing your groomsmen you want to be careful not to bruise any egos. You've got your best buddies brothers, cousins, college roommates, and pals from elementary school.  They'd all like to be included in the wedding party, and some may even be hoping for the "best man" position. It's a delicate task, but here are some tips from the Knot to help you get it done! How Many? You can choose as many--or as few-- groomsmen as you like. The … [Read more...]

13 Things to Think About when Renting a Tux for your Wedding

There's something exciting about men wearing tuxedo's. As a little girl, I remember when my parents would get dressed up for a fancy occasion... my mother putting on a beautiful dress with matching heels, and my father donning his tuxedo, complete with cummerbund and bow tie. Then I knew it was really a special occasion! Maybe it's for this reason that some choose to don tuxes for their wedding festivities. If you plan to wear a one to your wedding, it's not something that should be left to … [Read more...]

Great gifts for the Great Groomsmen (or Grooms!)

Men, in my opinion, are always harder to shop for than girls. So I was excited to find a website dedicated solely to men's gifts- MyGroomsmenGifts. They have a wonderful selection of gifts for your groomsmen, the best man, attendants, ushers and dads! (Groom, too!) It's customary to give gifts to thank the members of your wedding party for being a part of your special day. Whether your groomsmen are young and hip, or conservative, seasoned renaissance men, MyGroomsmenGifts has a great … [Read more...]