Wedding Makeup Beauty Awards

If you're like me, you began your foray into the mysterious world of beauty products by sampling the stuff your mom wore. To this day, we use the same moisturizers and makeup brands. Being a creature of habit, I usually buy the same thing again when I need a refill. And there are some women who are so comfortable and confident with what they have that, like Princess Kate, they will even do their own makeup, using their own products, on their wedding day. For the big day, do you plan to stick … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty: Banish Chapped Lips

If you've been laying on the lip balm in an effort to achieve smooth, sexy lips, you might be doing just the opposite! With the weather cold and dry, you don't want to suffer from cracked, peeling skin anywhere, especially on your mouth. The pretty pink lip gloss you picked out for your wedding day isn't going to look so hot on top of all that dry skin! So what can you do to prevent or heal it? Don't lick your chapped lips. It's tempting, but don't do it. Your saliva contains digestive … [Read more...]

Bridal Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to the Day Of

Glowing, blushing, beautiful... certain adjectives ring true when attached to the word "bride."  But if you are somewhere in the months or weeks leading up to your wedding, you may find the preparations leaving you tired, stressed, and haggard. So when is that fabled "glow" supposed to arrive? Well, it will, regardless of how much time you spend cultivating it, but  there are things you can do now to ensure you'll look your best. Follow these tips from Martha Stewart Weddings, and whatever … [Read more...]

Getting your Beauty Sleep: Banishing Pre-Wedding Jitters

Getting a good night's sleep (6-8 hours per night) is crucial for your health, and too much or too little is known to cause problems in many areas.  Among the negative effects caused by sleep deprivation are a weaker immune system, weight gain, memory loss, and increase in stress-related disorders such as ulcers, constipation, and heart disease. And on a more superficial note, sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your looks, causing dark circles or bags under your eyes, make your skin … [Read more...]

Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Celebrities (Part 2)

When looking for real-life inspiration for your wedding hairstyle, there are always the stars of Hollywood to turn to! Beautiful and always well-groomed, these leading ladies lead the way when it comes to hairstyles worth imitating. These do's will have you all ready to walk down the red carpet-- and definitely down the isle! * Photos from In Style Weddings. * Jessica Alba's stylist Robert Ramos diffused her hair to coax out its natural wave, parted it in the middle and and … [Read more...]

Achieving a Flawless Look for Wedding Photos

Wedding pictures hold some of the happiest memories of a lifetime, so be sure you consider all the angles when preparing to be photographed on the big day. In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding… Plan your procedures ahead- it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of tastings, fittings and appointments and forget to schedule facial treatments until the last minute. Don’t be tempted to get cosmetic lasering or chemical peels within 10 days to a month of the event, depending on the … [Read more...]

Ultimate Waterproof Wedding Mascara

Looking your best on your wedding day does NOT call for smudgy eyes, so if you're a crier (or even if you're not) smudge-proof mascara is a must.  How do you go about finding the perfect mascara for you? Leave it to the "Knotties" to test-drive and rate waterproof mascaras for you. They're sharing the wisdom on the Knot, and here are the top 5 road-tested waterproof mascaras: 1. Definicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara by Lancome ($24) 2. Lash Injection Mascara by Too Faced … [Read more...]

Beware! 13 Bridal Beauty Pitfalls

The Knot polled hundreds of wedding beauty experts for their top tips for brides who want to put their best face forward. Some of them you may have heard already... and some may surprise you! Here they are! 1. Don't drink wine or eat dark-colored foods like berries. You should avoid foods that can tint your pearly whites, or you may end up with a stained smile. For really dazzling teeth, invest in a professional teeth-whitening service, or do-it-yourself with Crest Whitestrips. "Start any … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty: 4 Cosmetic Procedures that are worth the cost

Do you have sun-damaged or sallow skin, acne scars, facial hair, or rosacia? Do you want a glowing complexion, fuller lips, even skin tone?  What can you do to look your best for the big day? investigated the cost--in money, time, and discomfort--of four common cosmetic procedure beauty investments to find the "real deals."   No beauty treatment, not even a $20,000 face-lift, lasts a lifetime. But there are some cosmetic procedures that can help you look your best for your … [Read more...]

Mom Make-overs: Beauty tips for the Mother of the Bride

Christopher Hopkins, "The Makeover Guy" believes women get more attractive as they get older. He is the author of Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45, and he's just the one to give your mom tips on how she can freshen up her look for your wedding day! Moms, we know that next to the bride, you are the ones who stress the most about how to do your hair and makeup for the wedding day. You want to look lovely and youthful, yet elegant and … [Read more...]