Wedding Makeup Beauty Awards

If you’re like me, you began your foray into the mysterious world of beauty products by sampling the stuff your mom wore. To this day, we use the same moisturizers and makeup brands. Being a creature of habit, I usually buy the same thing again when I need a refill. And there are some women who are so comfortable and confident with what they have that, like Princess Kate, they will even do their own makeup, using their own products, on their wedding day.

For the big day, do you plan to stick with what you know and love, or try something new? The editors of did the work so you’ll know what the top choices are for your wedding day look.

  • What nail polish goes on smoothest and lasts the longest?
  • Which mascara really defines each lash?
  • What concealer makes “blotches and pores vanish?”
  • What lipstick “survived drinks, cupcakes, and kisses?”
  • Which bronzer gives you a “sexy, sun-kissed shimmer?”

For all this, and more, check out BRIDES Beauty Awards – Best Wedding Makeup Products!

feature image: Fashion Bride