Calligraphic Maps Add Flair to Your Wedding

In today's digital age, there's nothing like a touch of handwriting to turn the mundane into something unique and personal. For those who have the means, handwritten calligraphy makes eye candy out of everything, from envelopes to place cards. One special way to employ your calligrapher is to have him/her draw a map for those hard-to-find locations or destination weddings. Maps can be used as save-the-date cards, included in the invitation suite, or inserted in the welcome baskets at your … [Read more...]

Preserve your Bouquet the Artistic Way

If you'd like to keep your bouquet for years without going the dusty, dried-flowers route, here are some fantastic ideas. Martha Stewart suggests drying and framing  your blossoms, creating a beautiful framed arrangement: Snip blossoms and lay them on newsprint. Fold newsprint over to cover, and insert in a flower press (or between the pages of a phone book). Leave them for 10 to 12 days, until dry and papery. Use tweezers to transfer the flowers to card stock and arrange. (In … [Read more...]

Affordable Ways to De-stress

We don't need to tell YOU how stressful planning a wedding can be.  If you are feeling, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched beyond your budget, you may be wondering how to loosen up without spending even more money.  A deep-tissue massage at the spa or dinner and a movie with your girlfriends might do the trick, but it will cost you! Here are some ideas from AllHealthcare, via Four White Mice to help you relax with an easy conscience. It's good for you and your relationships, too! feature … [Read more...]

Astoundingly Beautiful Wedding Cakes from the Cake Girls

Sister team Mary and Brenda Maher have created some of the most amazing cakes you have ever seen. You need to take a look at these edible works of art, so head on over to CakeGirls right away to feast your eyes on their gorgeous designs! Here are some of my favorite traditional designs (although with each one more awesome than the next, it's hard to pick favorites...) Looking for something nontraditional?  CakeGirls also has "luxury cakes" for that once-in-a-lifetime event, and … [Read more...]

Be a Poster Bride!

I'm still not sure what these are for, but they sure are cool looking!! From the Poster Bride website: We make unique, handmade works of art that celebrate the fanfare of your party like nothing else can. A serigraph, up to 19" x 25", hand-printed and designed just for you, suitable for framing, following the tradition of silk-screened event posters, provides not only your wedding invitation, but a timeless gift of art for your loved ones. So... is it an invitation? Is it a poster? Are we … [Read more...]