Summer Wedding: Beat the Heat

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can spend the whole glorious day outdoors, if you choose, from the photo shoot to the ceremony to the dancing. The heat, however, might pose a bit of a beauty hazard, unless you take steps to keep your bridal style cool and comfortable. * * Hair A hair style that keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face might be the best option. It's also very flattering to the face and neck. To keep hair sleek and avoid frizz, use a smoothing serum to … [Read more...]

Picture-taking tips for a picture-perfect wedding

Being in front of camera can make you feel a bit stiff. How should you hold your arms and at what angle should you face the photographer? Here are some expert tips from for a wedding-day photo finish. Face: "Know your face," says Michael Waring, who photographed this story. "Look at celeb photos for reference. They all know their angles and whether they look best smiling with or without their teeth showing." There’s nothing wrong with taking a few shots in the weeks before your … [Read more...]