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Pretty, Personalized Wedding Aisle Runners

Although it may only take a few minutes to reach the alter (or chuppah, etc!), those steps down the aisle are truly a walk to remember. Add a touch of glamor to these special moments by incorporating a personalized wedding aisle runner.  They look equally elegant in creating a walk way for your outdoor wedding or as a special touch to your indoor ceremony. Here's a little interesting history about aisle runners (thanks to the Knot)!  Once upon a time, when roads were unpaved, wedding guests … [Read more...]

My Wedding: 5 Things I’d Do Over Differently

My wedding was definitely the best day of my life. (This was one-upped after I gave birth for the first time, but at the time, things couldn't have been better.)  A perfect golden California day. A glorious dress with my mother's breathtaking lace veil. Surrounded by all the people I loved most. Marrying the guy of my dreams. How could it have gotten better? Oh, it could have, but just a teeny-tiny bit, and just in the small details! I was a very laid back bride and pretty much said "OK!" to … [Read more...]

Short Wedding Dresses for Summer 2011

I admit:  I don't totally get the short wedding dress trend. Getting married is just about the only time you'll ever have the chance to wear a long, gorgeous, poofy dress... with a train... and a veil down to your toes... why would you want to give that up?! I do understand that not everyone agrees with me. Obviously not everyone agrees with me, because there are quite a lot of short dresses making it onto the runways today! And some, I admit, are pretty darling.  So if you're got a beach … [Read more...]

Marriage and Opposite-Sex Friendships

As a single person, you may have close friends of all stripes, and both sexes.  You spend all day at work together, go out for a drink in the evening, meet for a cup of coffee on weekends, attend classes and seminars together. And ironically, after you get married you'll still find yourself spending more time with your friends and coworkers than with your spouse! feature image In addition to that, technology and social media make it easy to maintain friendships even with people you don't … [Read more...]

Wedding Invitation Wording: The Breakdown

Although every wedding invitation includes the same basic information, they can be worded and arranged in countless ways to reflect the style of the occasion and today's modern bride and groom. The trend today is to inject a bit of your own personality into the invitation's wording, while including some standard, customary elements, and staying socially correct and comfortable. feature photo credit So what needs to be there, and how should it be worded? Here's the wedding invitation … [Read more...]

Wedding Makeup Beauty Awards

If you're like me, you began your foray into the mysterious world of beauty products by sampling the stuff your mom wore. To this day, we use the same moisturizers and makeup brands. Being a creature of habit, I usually buy the same thing again when I need a refill. And there are some women who are so comfortable and confident with what they have that, like Princess Kate, they will even do their own makeup, using their own products, on their wedding day. For the big day, do you plan to stick … [Read more...]

Candy Colors for Summer Weddings

Black will never go out of style, but it's hard to be dark and somber in the middle of the sun-shiny summer! So instead of pairing bright colors with black, navy, or burgundy, try bright candy colors like tangerine, lime, and yellow paired with white or another light-colored neutral. * feature image: bridesmaids and candy * A white gown is the perfect summer choice, but add pizzaz with an eye-catching sash (David's Bridal): But, don't let your dress steal the show! Even your … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Bridal Pumps!

Gotta have the perfect wedding shoes? Here are ten of our favorite pumps, from super glamorous styles (with super price tags) to demure, ladylike looks (with medium range price tags) and a few beauties with teeny-tiny price tags you won't believe! feature image: Flickr Paris Hilton Bonita Ivory Wedding Shoes;  $84.00 my glas Evelixa Peep-Toe Pumps; Price: $89.95 Nina Grace Sienna Bridal Shoes, $130 Bellissima Shoes Stuart Weitzman … [Read more...]

Get Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Look

The world sat spellbound as Prince William wed his new princess Catherine Middleton (AKA Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge) and the bride's stunning dress got more than it's share of attention!  She did us all proud in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown. The much-anticipated gown featured an ivory lace bodice with long sleeves and a satin skirt. We loved her choice, which was not only gorgeous, but regal, refined, and totally befitting a princess! Here's the recap, … [Read more...]