Pretty, Personalized Wedding Aisle Runners

Although it may only take a few minutes to reach the alter (or chuppah, etc!), those steps down the aisle are truly a walk to remember. Add a touch of glamor to these special moments by incorporating a personalized wedding aisle runner.  They look equally elegant in creating a walk way for your outdoor wedding or as a special touch to your indoor ceremony.

Here’s a little interesting history about aisle runners (thanks to the Knot)!  Once upon a time, when roads were unpaved, wedding guests would arrive at the wedding and track in dirt or mud from the streets. No bride wanted to risk dragging the hem of her dress in the mud, so the aisle runner was invented as a handy way to protect her gown. While we don’t really have this problem today, many brides maintain this wedding tradition anyway.  A runner certainly lends a regal touch to the ceremony!

Personalized Aisle Runers

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. A personalized runner adds heaps of charm, with a monogram or design that match your wedding theme. These autumn leaves and snowflake runners– complete with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date– are perfect for a fall or winter wedding!

In case this moment is not tear-jerking enough, you can add even more romance with these sweet designs of perched love birds or linked hearts!

And nothing says “classy” like a simple monogram!

Aisle Runner Safety!

  • Although we love the look of a runner, they can also be a bit of a hazard. You definitely don’t want the bride or any other member of the wedding party getting tripped up by a poorly secured aisle runner. You also don’t want to have a crooked runner stealing attention in your photos. A runner with adhesive backing is a good idea!
  • Any runner that’s laid over fresh grass should be backed by plywood or something solid. This will prevent the bride and her maids’ heels from going right through it into the soft ground, and hopefully avoid any nasty accidents that could happen, such as tripping and twisted ankles!

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