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iPod your Wedding Music

It will require time, thought, and effort on your part, but it could save you a couple thousand dollars if you B.Y.O.M. (bring your own music, of course)!  You save money on hiring a DJ or band, and you can control every song that's played at your wedding, from your walk down the isle to the dinner music to the last crazy dance. feature image credit "But like everything else, if you want to pull it off and not drive yourself nuts, there are rules," says The Broke Ass Bride.  Here she lays … [Read more...]

Engagement Ring 101: Diamond Cuts & Shapes

These days diamonds come in all shapes imaginable and diamond cutters are still experimenting to discover more, according to about buying A diamond cutter's skill will turn a rough stone into a brilliant diamond, with the most skilled cutters producing diamonds of the greatest size with the fewest flaws and the most brilliance. * feature image: * You have a few decisions to make when choosing a diamond engagement ring. You'll be looking at different … [Read more...]

Making a “Cameo Appearance” at your Wedding

Nothing whispers of romance like the delicate silhouette of a cameo, whether it's carved into jewelry or embossed on programs and wedding cakes.  Classic cameos are lovely, but you can also give the idea a modern twist by creating your own personalized cameos as your theme. Cameo favor boxes (Martha Stewart): Cameo jewelry- stunning on the bride or bridesmaids (Martha Stewart)! Cameo brooches used on the veil ( and bouquet ( via Alta Moda … [Read more...]

Feel-Good Bridal Registry: Give to Charity

Charitable wedding registries are a good way to share the love you feel by helping others less fortunate and making our world a better place. Instead of collecting more household items or fat checks, this idea appeals particularly to couples who have just about everything they need already. Plus, your guests will appreciate doing a good deed that benefits others and makes the bride and groom happy. Everyone wins! Here's another good idea, while you're at it: The guys at … [Read more...]

Wedding Flowers: Fall 2010 Trends & Inspiration

Spring and summer are almost synonymous with beautiful, fresh, brightly colored flowers. When the season of fall comes blowing in, choosing just the right blooms may take a bit more thought, but your choices are equally vibrant and striking. Here are some ideas and photo inspiration to get you started! * * feature image: From-You Flowers, chrysanthemums, daisies, pitta negra accented with preserved oak leaves. * Rich colors: Proclaim the end of summer with the deep, dramatic … [Read more...]

Winter Wedding Gowns with Cover-up’s

Winter wedding dressing is all about layering. A gown that comes with a removable jacket, wrap, or cape will keep you cozy for your romantic outdoor portraits in the snow, which you can lay aside for your indoor reception. Fur, velvet, and silver detailing are all hot extras this winter season! A gown with sleeves is another cold-weather option. Sleeves are in, and a perfect way to protect yourself against the chill. More winter fashion perks include heavier fabrics such as luxurious silk … [Read more...]

Black & White: Hot Color Combo

In the quest for something new and different, brides and grooms may overlook the classic black-and-white color scheme in favor of something more exciting. But this dashing duo is back in the spotlight this season, and it's never been this fun or this dramatic before! * * * * * Here are some new ways of using this old classic. invitations from decor ideas from the knot table settings from Bride & Groom style from cakes from the … [Read more...]

Bridal Fashion 2011: Understated Wedding Gowns

No flowers, bows, or ruffles. No crystals, sequins, embroidery, or lace. Whether your style is simple and elegant or modern and edgy, it's your wedding and that's the way it's going to be. Luckily for you there are plenty of lovely wedding gowns for your taste, amid this season's dizzying array of florals, flounces, beads and bows! The drape of the fabric and your own poise will speak for themselves. Here are some absolutely lovely, understated wedding gowns for 2011. * * * All … [Read more...]