Showered with *Eco-Friendly* Love

Showering the bride and groom with rice as they exit the ceremony is a time-honored tradition. But today’s environmentally-friendly couple may wish to use something else, and there are plenty of other ways to send the newlyweds off with love and good fortune as they embark on their new life together. Here are some sweet, fun ideas!

Scented Confetti

Perfumed confetti will leave a delicate floral scent in your wake, via Martha Stewart. Punch kraft or construction paper using a decorative hole punch. Spread the confetti pieces out on waxed paper. Mist very lightly with a favorite scent. Collect into small glassine bags. Seal the bags, while attaching a label, by sewing the top edge.

Vanishing Confetti

Showering the bride and groom with confetti as they exit the ceremony is a twist on a time-honored tradition, but it can create a mess. With biodegradable paper, the problem literally disappears: The confetti disintegrates once it gets wet. You can make your own out of biodegradable paper, or try the “Have a Blast” Biodegradable Celebratory Poppers.


For a pretty, ethereal send-off, your guests will enjoy filling the air with bubbles as you make your grand exit.  Order something special, like these colorful, slim bubble tubes featuring heart handles and tips… or create delicate floating bubbles with these elegant Dove Bubbles Favors!

Bird seed

Bird seed is not all that different from rice, but it’s much better if you want to keep your wedding day environmentally friendly and feed the wildlife all in one toss. However, you will still be finding it in places you never knew existed. Try placing the birdseed in something cute like these Etsy Love Bird Packets.

Flower Confetti

Toss fresh or freeze-dried flower petals as a lovely, romantic, and eco-friendly confetti. Freeze-dried petals can be ordered in advance (they last a few months) and are soft and exquisite. Fresh rose petals last on a couple days, but their scent and softness is well worth it.

Shredded newspaper

Don’t throw out those old newspapers, magazines, cards, and bills! A great idea for an eco-friendly wedding farewell is to throw shredded paper at the departing bride and groom. This is a good option because birds can use paper for nests and worms eat paper for protein.

Fall Leaves

Leaves are pretty and plentiful especially if you are having a fall wedding. Brown, golden, yellow and red leaves will make a glorious fountain of color around the bride and groom. (pictures from the knot and Martha Stewart)

Ice Shavings

On a hot summer day, nothing could be more refreshing as handfulls of crushed and shaved ice. Even better, the sun catching in the ice cubes will make a sparkling, cooling departure for the  bride and groom.


For an unforgettable, one-in-a-lifetime (but expensive) experience, you can have live butterflies shipped to you on the day of your wedding. The company (such as berkshirebutterflies or butterflyweddings) will ship your butterflies in individual boxes or envelopes that you simply set out for each guest. Inform your guests what is inside, and that they should open them at the appointed time low to the ground, so that they will fly upwards for picture taking opportunities.

feature image from party heroes